Cancer Registry is an information system designed for the collection, storage, and management of data on persons with cancer.

The collection of cancer diagnosis details and creation of a comprehensive registry are crucial for the cancer diagnosis, determining treatment patterns, time for recovery, the most effective treatment scheme for patients and improved preventive strategies.

City of Smile Foundation, in collaboration with Bridge of Health Foundation, using the platform of US-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, takes the first steps in the history of Armenia to create cancer registry, for which information is collected from YSMU “Muratsan” hospital, RA MoH. Hematology Center named after prof. R. Yeolyan and National Center of Oncology named after V.A. Fanarjyan.

It is planned to complete the creation of the registry by 2020.


To date, there are no standardized pediatric cancer guidelines in Armenia that range from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, and this program is aimed to fill that gap.

During the first year of the program, 20 guidelines for pediatric oncology are planned to be developed for specific diseases (e.g. acute lymphoblastic leukemia, neuroblastoma, etc.), as well as for primary care, nurses, and emergency situations in pediatric oncology.

It is envisaged to set up separate working groups, each of which will have one pediatric oncologist / hematologist, one clinical intern, and, depending on the type of oncology and guideline, other necessary physicians such as a radiation therapist, pathologist, surgeon, physician, reanimatologist, etc. Each working group will also have at least one consultant from a well-known foreign clinic who will be an international expert on the disease.

Each workgroup will submit a report, based on an outlined plan, on the work done every three months, which will allow monitoring of the process.

The working group of each guide at the end of the year will have completed:

  • A guide in the format previously provided, which will include:
  1. General information about the disease / condition
  2. Clinical expression
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment
  5.  Further supervision
  6.  Analysis of the disease / condition in Armenia, identifying possible solutions to the problem
  • Informational material for patients
  • Material for primary care physicians and other specialists
  • Material for medical students
  • Detailed calculation for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • At least 5 research questions, developed with a consultant from abroad, that can be conducted in Armenia and provide brief (within one page) descriptions of these issues

Working group members should become a member of one union / working group at the international minimum related to the disease or condition and be actively involved in their work.

As a result of this work, members of the working group on the disease or condition will develop their professional skills and knowledge, become active members of international associations, and we will have local experts.

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