This Wednesday we will tell you about our 1.6-year-old Lily from the town of Berd of Tavush region.
Lily is the youngest member of the family, and together with their parents her sister and brother, who are 17 and 14 years older than her, also take care of their little princess.
Lily is a very joyful child and loves to sing and dance to the sounds of almost all musical genres.
Our beauty also loves to play with dolls and cars, but there is one condition – her toys should be as big as possible.
Lily was not even 1 year old when she was diagnosed with cancer and began her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. This baby girl has great strength in her small body and bravely goes through all the ups and downs of the treatment process. However, she badly misses home and starts crying when leaving the house and seeing the hospital in the distance…
Lily will be very happy to receive a big red or pink car in which she can sit and drive.


All traffic lights show green when our beautiful Lily is driving.
We are profoundly grateful to the Foundation’s dear friend who wished to remain anonymous for making our sweetheart’s dream come true and bringing her these unforgettable emotions.


Our today’s hero is 5-year-old Aren from the city of Goris.
He is the youngest brother of a 14-year-old brother and a 12-year-old sister.
Most of all, he likes to watch cartoons. Aren gets really excited while following the adventures of Masha and the Bear, as well as Tom and Jerry, adoring and sympathizing with the Bear and Tom, respectively.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, his musical talent:) was also discovered and now he often plays the piano in the Center’s playroom. He likes the playroom in general, especially playing memory games with teacher Ani.
Aren has made up his mind: he’s going to become a policeman and protect us all from “nasty” people.
As you’ve understood, our Aren is a very brave boy and is not afraid of anyone or anything. As another proof of his courage, he points out that he does not cry even during injections or taking blood tests.

Our sweet boy dreams of having a car-bed.


Let’s start the working week by thanking all the kind-hearted people who continue to make our children’s dreams come true.
Thanks to Anushik Mkheyan, our Aren’s dream of having a new bed came true. We are confident that our strong boy will have sweet and bright dreams in this comfortable bed.
We are very grateful to Anushik for bringing our Aren a biiig smile!


Today we will tell you about our 1-year-old Adelina from the city of Gyumri.
Our beauty likes to play with older children, and her closest friend is her elder brother Arsen. She especially enjoys playing with Arsen’s toys: robots, cars, building sets, and, unlike many girls her age, she does not like playing with dolls at all.
Adelina’s preferences for colors are also interesting: she doesn’t like pink at all, instead preferring yellow and light blue.
Our sweetheart is a very calm child, and the crying that lasted for several nights was the alarm for her parents to go to the medical facility, from where they were referred to the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Here, unfortunately, the suspicion of cancer was confirmed…

Our Adelina will turn 2 years old on August 26, and she will be very happy to receive a big car in which she can sit and drive.


Our Adelina’s dream of having a car came true thanks to Mirzoyan String Quartet, friends of the City of Smile Foundation.
We are very grateful to our dear musicians and especially to Sona Azaryan, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, for bringing our Adelina lots of smiles.


Please meet our 6-year-old Artyom from the village of Gishi in the Martuni province of Artsakh.
Artyom is the youngest of four brothers in the family. The elder brother is a policeman, the second one is a soldier (and was wounded during the 44-day war…), and the third brother is going to be a final-year student at school. Artyom is very close to all of them and loves to have “grown-up” conversations with them.
From his earliest childhood, our Artyom has never shown interest in cartoons and fairy tales. Instead, before the diagnosis, he was obsessed with football: he either played it or watched it all day long, while not rooting for any team, just enjoying a good match. Since starting the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, watching Armenian sitcoms on the phone has become his only and most favorite pastime. (We are sure that after finishing the treatment, he will resume his active lifestyle)
Despite deeply missing his native village, their home and the shrine of “Voske Khach (Golden Cross)”, Artyom approaches the treatment process with understanding and does not even object to certain procedures (for example, today he proudly told us that he lay quietly while the nurse gave him an injection in the abdomen)
He dreams of becoming a policeman like his big brother. Till then he would be very happy to receive a bike as a gift (for size reference, Artyom’s height is 110cm).


Our Artyom was so excited about having a new bike that he couldn’t resist riding it right on the first floor of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Liana Mkrtchyan for making Artyom’s dream come true and bringing him these unforgettable emotions.


Our today’s hero is 10-year-old Kristine from Oshakan village of Aragatsotn region.
Our beauty’s hobby is watching movies. Her favorite ones are those of adventure and historical genres.
Unlike most girls her age, Kristine does not like the pink color, playing with dolls and other things that are traditionally considered “girly”.
Instead, she is very passionate about cars and can play with these toys for hours – organize competitions, win cups …
Kristine loves to sing and dance. She has decided to grow up a bit more and become a singer and/or a dancer. Till then she trains her vocal cords:) and gains experience with small evening performances at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
One of Kristine’s hobbies is riding a bike, but hers has already become too small for her and she dreams of having a new, bigger (N26) one.


This summer, Christine will be able to go on bike rides, too, thanks to angel Ani and her mom Lusine.
We are very grateful to them for making our Christine’s dream come true.


Please meet our 6-year-old Nona from Katnaghbyur village of Aragatsotn region.
Our Nona is looking forward to going to school. Whenever she’s feeling well enough, she gets ready for the first grade։ writes down letters and numbers, solves puzzles. She has definitely decided to study very well (we do not doubt it at all).
Our beauty loves fairy tales very much. They have a special ceremony with her mother before going to bed: mom always reads / tells a fairy tale to her. Nona’s favorite one is the Little Red Riding Hood. While listening to it, even knowing the ending very well, she still worries about the Little Red Riding Hood and anxiously follows her adventures.
Nona is not very picky about food․ Like almost everyone else, she loves pork barbecue, dolma, exclusively made by her mom, and “tabab” (kebab). After the diagnosis was confirmed, the whole family reconsidered the menu, and now, at the urging of doctors, they avoid junk food, such as carbonated drinks, chips, etc.
The most beloved people in the world for Nona are her sister Nare and brother “Dado” (Gago, Gagik) ․ She misses them the most while receiving inpatient treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Our sweet Nona dreams of having a pink bicycle and a big doll.


Thanks to the friends of City of Smile Foundation, our Nona’s dreams also came true.
A kind person who wished to remain anonymous gave her a big doll, and Ani Hambardzumyan, who lives in London, immediately responded to our request to gift Nona a bicycle.
To the delight of all of us, Nona recently finished her main treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. We hope that during these summer days our sweetheart will manage to ride her bike and play house as much as her heart wishes.
A huge thanks to everyone involved!


Please meet our 4-year-old Karina from Vardenik village of Gegharkunik.
Our beauty’s hobby is painting. Of all the genres, she likes the portrait painting the most, mainly painting her sister and brother (by the way, the family will soon have the 4th child:)
Karina loves cartoons and enjoys following the adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Masha and the Bear and other characters.
Our sweetheart is not very picky about food, but there is one dish she likes particularly much: lentil soup.
Throughout the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, she gets most upset about two things: when blood tests are taken, and when she misses her father or sister.
At the beginning of the treatment, Karinka stopped speaking and walking at some point, but now, to the joy of all of us, the abilities of both speaking and walking have been recovered.
Karina’s favorite colors are red and pink, and she dreams of having a bike in one of those colors, as well as of meeting with singers Nanul and Yana Hovhannisyan.


This time City of Smile Foundation’s dear friends brought great joy to little Karina, receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Thanks to these caring people, our sweet Karinka’s dream of having a bicycle came true.
A huge thank you to everyone involved!


Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Violeta from Shirak.
Living in Ashotsk, one of the coldest places in Armenia, our sweetheart is looking forward to the arrival of summer each year because she’s tired of the cold and loves the sun.
Violeta’s hobby is playing with big (not barbie-type) “kukliks”. Her dolls go to school, visit grocery stores and prepare food.
Violeta also enjoys painting, primarily depicting the sun, the sky and many-many colorful flowers.
During her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center our beauty misses her brothers the most and looks forward to going home and hugging them tight.

Violeta will be very happy to receive a big doll and a painting accessories kit. She also dreams of meeting with singer Arpi Gabrielyan.


The children who have received treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center understand better than anyone the feelings of the children who are currently inside those walls and they do their best to bring positive vibes to these kids.
Just a few minutes after publishing a post about our beautiful Violeta, our Arman and Garik responded and expressed their readiness to fulfill Violeta’s wish.
We are very grateful to our kind boys and their families for caring!


Please meet our 12-year-old David from Yerevan.
He loves gatherings with his friends: taking walks together, discussing different topics, laughing․․․
Before beginning his treatment, he played football with his friends in the yard, interrupting this important activity only very late in the evening and only after his mother urged him to go home for dinner. Unlike playing football, David does not like watching it so much, instead he enjoys watching boxing and swimming competitions.
Being extremely friendly, he also managed to make many friends during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center (special greetings to Tigran, Atom and everyone else). One of his close friends is the psychologist of the Center Arevik, with whom he can talk for hours and has even shared his secrets.
Our caring boy considers the idea of helping each other very important and always offers his help to the elderly people and to all those who may need that help at that moment.
Speaking about movies, David mentions that he especially likes action movies and historical dramas about wars. Based on the films he has watched, he philosophically concludes ․ “War is a very bad thing. There must always be peace ․․․ “, then he takes a break and adds with a heavy sigh, “․․․ but it does not happen ․․․”.
David has clearly decided on his future profession: he is going to become a chef and has already started to master especially in preparing salads and meat dishes. (We look forward to tasting his culinary masterpieces.)
David will be very happy to receive a bike.


Thanks to the dear friends of the Foundation, our strong David already has a bike.
Both the weather and the fact that David has finished the main treatment a few days ago, set the mood for long bike rides.
We are very grateful to our friends who always stand by our children.


This Wednesday, our hero is 12-year-old Narine from Shirak.
Our sweetheart’s biggest hobby is painting: she depicts nature, animals, people. Narine also enjoys reading․ She especially loves fiction books, and her favorite author is William Saroyan.
Narine has not yet clearly decided on her future profession: she will become either a pediatrician or an artist. Our girl, with the soul of an artist, gives freedom to her imagination while playing with her dolls, sewing clothes for them for different “occasions”.
Since the field of medicine is also considered for the future, during her treatment our Narine also studies it as much as possible. Thus, she is aware of the possible complications of the treatment. She knows all the possible complications a drug can cause, “․․․ I will have nausea from this ․․․ and from this, my indicators will go down a little․․․ “, she says.
Narine dreams of having a big desk (preferably with a shelf so that all her books are always near at hand).


We are very grateful to the Foundation’s dear friends, who wished to remain anonymous, for making our Narine’s dream come true.
We wish our beauty new success in education. We are confident that the new desk will motivate her to acquire new knowledge more eagerly.


Today’s hero is 8-year-old Alex from Vanadzor.
Alex is a big fan of sports․ He especially enjoys watching wrestling and football. His favorite team is the royal club – Real Madrid, and his favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
His other hobby is dancing, he likes all dance styles, but especially breakdance. He is also a master of transformation and tries on different looks during the day.
Alex feels nostalgic when thinking about his participation in the “Mr & Mrs” festival, where he won the first prize, being recognized as Mr. Vanadzor. You can see an excerpt from his participation in the video posted in the comments.
Our brave boy likes to watch movies about superheroes (for example, Spider-Man)․ At the same time, we are confident that the real superhero is Alex himself and our other kids.
Alex is quite good at calculating money and has decided to become a bank manager. Once he earns enough money, his number one goal will be to support orphanages and facilities for the elderly people.
Alex dreams of having a car-shaped bed.


It is so very touching to witness the willingness of children who fought cancer to support those who are currently going through that journey.
Our former beneficiary Levon decided to make our Alex’s dream of having a car-bed come true. We are very grateful to Levon and his family for that.
Sweet dreams to you, our strong Alex!


Please meet our 9-year-old Atom from Lori region.
Atom’s most favorite hobby is reading. He loves both fiction and scientific literature, as well as books of all genres in general.
Our smart boy studies very well at school, loves all the subjects, but most of all, Armenian language and Maths. He has a high sense of responsibility and enjoys doing all the homework. During the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, when sometimes he feels weak and is not able to study with Ms. Ani, he gets very upset.
Atom approaches all stages of treatment with great understanding and bravely follows all the instructions of his doctors. He is not particularly bothered by food restrictions, however, he misses… eggplant caviar։) very much.
Our Atom has decided to become a doctor or a nurse, and is already gaining “work” experience in the hospital. His first patient is Dino (the big dinosaur of the playroom), who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by Atom and prescribed appropriate treatment.
Atom will be very happy to receive a bicycle.


When the sun is shining and the weather is nice, it is great to go cycling. We are very excited that thanks to a group of warm-hearted friends, our Atom can already use this opportunity with his new bicycle.
We are very grateful to all the caring people who have contributed to bringing Atom this joy.


This Wednesday our hero is 4-year-old Mark from Tavush region.
Mark is the youngest brother of three sisters. You can probably imagine how much his sisters are “spoiling” their beloved little bro. Every day after school they rush home, quickly do all the homework and devote all their free time to playing various games with Mark.
Our sweet boy has a very special connection with his native village of Paravakar and during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center he misses his favorite forests a lot. Having said that, while being at home, he often tells his mother that he would like to come to Yerevan and play in the PCBDC’s playroom. (We’re grateful to all our partners for always keeping the playroom full of new games and toys.)
Mark usually has a very good appetite and especially likes eating fish, but on certain days of chemotherapy the only food combination he does not refuse to eat is cucumber-greens-cheese-bread.
Our joyful boy loves cars and dreams of having a big car-bed.


We wish you the same emotions that our Mark had when he saw his dream car-bed.
We are very grateful to dear friends of City of Smile Foundation Mariana Vartanian and Garik Sargsyan for these special moments full of joy and smiles.


Today our hero is 10-year-old Ellen from Armavir region.
Ellen’s hobby is painting․ In her paintings she depicts both nature and people. At a very young age, she expressed a desire to become a designer, describing her future profession as a process of “turning a picture into a clothing.”
Ellen has older sisters and a younger brother․ The sisters are her favorite advisers, and she likes to play house and with cars with her naughty brother.
Our Ellen with the most contagious laugh is not very picky about the food, and her favorite dishes are pizza and ice cream.
Our sweetheart loves the “Frozen” cartoon and both the cartoon and dolls of the Barbie series.
Ellen dreams of traveling a lot and first of all visiting Rostov city (Russia) and Germany․ They have many relatives in both countries, whom our girl misses very much.
She loves her native village of Jrarat very much, but in the future she has decided to get a job, save money and buy a house in Yerevan, too, because she is very tired of travelling. (We hope that the reason for Ellen’s coming to Yerevan soon will not be to receive treatment, but to visit her favorite places of entertainment).
Our strong girl will be very happy to receive a big bicycle and a wooden easel as a gift.


Our sweet Elen’s dream was also realized by a group of kind-hearted friends. Elen received a bicycle and an easel. We are sure that soon we will admire the masterpieces created by her.
We are very grateful to all the caring people involved in this initiative for bringing our Elen many happy moments.


Today we will tell you about our 21-year-old Gohar from Artsakh.
She is the second of 10 (yes, ten) children in the family and is very close to both her parents and all her siblings.
Gohar remembers the exact day and time when she found out about her diagnosis. On December 17th, 2020, at 4am the final results of her blood tests came in, and that’s when the initial diagnosis was confirmed – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
At that time, our beauty was already a Dentistry Faculty student at the Armenian Medical Institute. Being a medical student helped her a lot while dealing with the side effects of the treatment, such as hair loss caused by chemotherapy, and having more philosophical approach to those. As a result, throughout the treatment process she refused to wear a wig.
The desire to continue her education and become a good specialist motivated and gave her strength throughout the treatment. This period coincided with the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, which gave Gohar the opportunity not to interrupt her studies, but instead actively continue to join the classes remotely.
Speaking about her preferences, Gohar first of all mentions music, moreover, with the most unexpected stylistic combinations of hip-hop and classical genres. She also likes to watch comedies and medical TV series.
We are excited to tell you that Gohar has already completed the main treatment and is currently in the conservative treatment phase.
One of Gohar’s cherished wishes is having a professional photoshoot in traditional Armenian national costumes while wearing silver jewelry.


Resuming the series about our children’s dreams, we want to tell you about our 7-year-old Nvard from Artsakh.
Nvardik is the 5th of 6 children in the family and is very close to all her siblings.
She loves to work in both real and toy kitchen, preparing delicious salads and treating her family members. Her mother is the one especially appreciating her culinary masterpieces. Of all the dishes prepared by her mother, she likes soup borsch and fried potatoes the most.
Nvardik’s hobbies are also painting and coloring. She approaches this issue very meticulously and never goes beyond the edges when coloring. Of all the cartoons, she likes only “Masha and the Bear” and nothing else.
Our strong sweetheart has decided to become a pediatric oncologist and is clearly informed about her treatment protocol. She is very curious and eagerly awaits when she will be allowed to be present and personally watch the installation surgery of a port-a-cath.
Her favorite seasons is winter. She feels a bit sad for not being able to play snowball in the yard, make a snowman at this stage of her treatment.
Nvardik misses Hadrut and their house in Hadrut, which she often draws, very much. After the war, our Nvardik is very anxious and expresses fear when she hears about border tensions: “well, if the fight starts, how am I going to escape with this catheter?”…
Nvardik dreams of having a desk and chair in “girly” colors.


Thanks to kind people, our Nvardik’s dream also came true. Our beauty is already writing, drawing and painting, sitting around her new desk. She’s promised to paint a beautiful picture and present it to Yervand who fulfilled her wish.
We are very grateful to Yervand and special thanks to Anahit Sargsyan, a friend of the Foundation.


Please meet our 13-year-old Anahit from Syunik region.
Anahit is obsessed with music․ She can listen to music for hours and not get bored. She especially likes foreign performers, in particular Billie Eilish (thanks to Anahit we found out that this performer’s hair is no longer bright green), but sometimes she can also listen to Armenian songs, for example, performed by Tatul (yes, we are also surprised by the diversity of Anahit’s musical taste).
Our beauty is also a fan of movies and TV series, and recently she was especially impressed while watching the Korean “Squid Game”. To our question whether she did not feel bad while watching all the bloody scenes, she answered that during the treatment she got used to the appearance of blood so much that no longer feels bad about it.
Treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center played a very important role in Anahit’s life. In addition to battling the disease together with doctors, she’s also met her future best friend, Anna, with whom she is inseparable both in and out of the hospital. Anahit sometimes philosophically thinks that maybe it is even good that she was diagnosed with cancer, because otherwise she would not have met Anna and her other friends – Meline, Armen․․․
Anahit has two older brothers, with whom she is very close. Although her brothers are sometimes strict with her, she is confident that the strictness comes from love and care.
As for the future profession, our strong girl hesitates between two options: oncosurgeon or software developer (we are confident that whichever option she picks, she will achieve great success).
Anahit will be very happy to receive a collection of silver jewelry (made in the style of Cartier brand) as a gift.


We are very happy when the posts about our children’s dreams are responded very quickly.
The same thing happened in the case of our Anahit’s dream, and the respondent was her namesake Anahit Sargsyan. Our Anahit received the silver jewelry she wanted, and we all sincerely wish her many happy occasions to wear it.
We are very grateful to kindhearted Anahit for making our beauty’s dream come true


Please meet our 11-year-old wonderful Nelly from Yerevan.
Nelly is currently a patient at the Pediatric Palliative Care Clinic, continuing to spread positive vibes all around.
Our Nellush’s passion is make-up and everything connected with it. She regularly replenishes her collection of make-up accessories and constantly studies and learns new make-up techniques.
At the very first moment of a meeting, she asks , “Do you know make-up artist Gohar Avetisyan? Have you seen that she visited me in Moscow?” She speaks of Gohar with great warmth and aspiration and is very proud of the fact of them meeting each other. By the way, it was Nelly who insisted that the photo attached to this post is not her solo picture, but a joint picture of her and Gohar.
Nelly is also a great painter, but recently stopped painting for a while due to the pain in her hand․․․
Our beauty is always keeping up with modern trends and has a very active account in the TikTok social network. All TikTok users are asked to subscribe to Nelly’s TikTok account: @nelligrigoryannn because she gets super excited about every new subscription.
Nelly dreams of having an advent calendar with different pieces of cosmetics.


P. S. Thanks to the “Mench Gourmet”* initiative, our Nelly’s dream came true at lightning speed․ Now she has an advent calendar with very special surprises – different pieces of cosmetics. We are very grateful to Irina for fast response and for her willingness to make Nelly’s wish come true.
”Mench Gourmet” is a unique initiative launched by our Mench Khachatryan’s mother, Irina, which aims to realize the dreams of our children receiving treatment at the Pediatric Palliative Care Clinic and the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.


Today our hero is 16-year-old Hayk from Yerevan.
In his spare time, our bright boy enjoys watching movies and TV series. Of all the TV series his favorite one is “Game of Thrones”, and the favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean”, all five parts of which he has already watched several times. In general, Hayk very philosophically thinks that in order to be safe from disappointment, it is better to rewatch the already watched and liked movies than to start watching something new.
Hayk is a student of TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, where he has acquired knowledge and skills of various computer programs. Now he also uses them extensively to support the small family business, as the junior graphic designer of the company.
Hayk is very determined to fight cancer and perceives all these as a temporary challenge. During this time he misses his friends the most and the fun they used to have together: playing computer games (especially shooters), going to the cinema․․․
After finishing the treatment, Hayk decided to finally choose a future profession (a developer?․․․ a graphic designer?… maybe both?) and to deepen his knowledge in the relevant field.
Hayk dreams about having a guitar and learning to play it, and he already imagines how he and his friends will gather around the campfire, play and sing together.
Hayk has been a beneficiary of City of Smile ChF since September 2021. Foundation supports Hayk’s family by covering all his treatment costs.


P. S. Kind-hearted people continue to make our children’s dreams come true.
This time our strong Hayk’s wish to have a guitar was fulfilled by Clara, a friend of City of Smile Foundation.
We are very grateful to our dear Clara and we look forward to enjoying our Hayk’s fantastic performances together.


Please meet our 6-year-old Vahram from Shirak region.
Our bright boy’s hobby is playing with cars and lego-type sets. He also enjoys following the adventures of Masha and the bear, the dogs of “PAW Patrol”, as well as the wolf and the rabbit of “Well, Just You Wait! (Russian: Ну, погоди!). To the delight of his mother, Vahram is not addicted to electronic gadgets, but sometimes he likes to play with Tommy the Cat on the tablet.
Our Vahram is very happy when his grandmother reads fairy tales to him before going to bed, especially the fairy tale about “Nunig” (we found out that Nunig is the Armenian version of the main heroine of the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”:))
At the beginning, Vahram was very upset when his hair started falling out as a result of chemotherapy, and to encourage him, his brothers also shaved their heads (the sisters made the same offer, but Vahram asked them not to). Vahram has been in the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for two months and misses his sisters so much․․․
Our sweet boy has a very philosophical attitude to everything he’s going through and tries to focus on the positive. Thus, he is sure that this is a temporary difficulty, and he considers meeting good people and Robin the Robot to be the greatest achievement of this period. He also behaves very bravely during all medical interventions, and due to that Dr. Lusine Krmoyan promised to award him a certificate of courage at the end of the treatment (and so do we).
Vahram has decided to become a policeman and dreams of having a police uniform and a car with police attributes, in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. The superheroes who visited the Hematology Center also made the dreams of our Vahram and David, two most real superheroes, come true. They are already going on long car rides on their new cars during treatment breaks.
We are profoundly grateful to Mariana Vartanian, Garik Sargsyan and Sarkis Kazanjian for fulfilling the wishes of our strong boys and bringing them lots of smiles!


Today we will tell you about our 11-year-old Tigran from Yerevan.
Tigran’s favorite hobby is painting. He is especially good at painting landscapes. He also has very good skills of drawing on gadgets and of various editing programs (he willingly promised to teach us, too).
Of all the seasons, he likes winter the most, because he can play snowballs with his little brother and, in general, “the heat is hard.”
Our brave boy treats his brother with exceptional care and does not get angry with him even when the latter comes, grabs the phone and runs away.
Getting ready for coming to the hospital for the next round of chemotherapy is challenging for him for two main reasons: because there are too many crying children in the hospital and he has trouble falling asleep, and because in the mornings he has to get up earlier than he would like to. As you have understood, healthy and uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important preconditions for our Tigran’s rest.
While talking about finishing the treatment, Tigran quickly lists his plans: to graduate from school, study a bit more, get a job, and as for the short-term plans, he smiles when talking about the possibility of playing with friends again, which has gotten a bit difficult these days․․․
Tigran has decided to become a jeweler and has already promised to make a golden piece for each of the medical staff taking care of him.
Our kind-hearted boy will be very happy to receive a large set of painting accessories, which will include everything necessary for drawing.


29/12/2021 2021-11-03

Please meet our 4-year-old David from Yerevan.
Our sweet boy follows the trends and is well aware of all cutting edge gadgets. His passion is playing PlayStation games, of which he never gets tired.
David is very meticulous about eating, but he adores ice cream and looks forward to be allowed to enjoy it again. In general, he prefers “not allowed”, junk food, such as chips, fast food, and always gets sad when he is not served what he wants. Once, during the treatment, when David’s eagerly wanted shawarma and the doctor asked him to be patient and not eat it yet, he called his father and asked him to bring shawarma for both himself and his beloved doctor Naira Martirosyan, hoping that this way he would be able to convince the doctor to allow him to eat it.
Of all the cartoons, David likes “Masha and the Bear” and “Paw Patrol” the most, and unlike cartoons, he does not like and does not want to listen to fairy tales.
Our strong boy likes trains very much, and sometimes he asks his mother to go to the subway and just take a train around the st
ams of having a big red car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. The superheroes who visited the Hematology Center also made the dreams of our Vahram and David, two most real superheroes, come true. They are already going on long car rides on their new cars during treatment breaks.
We are profoundly grateful to Mariana Vartanian, Garik Sargsyan and Sarkis Kazanjian for fulfilling the wishes of our strong boys and bringing them lots of smiles!


Please meet our 2-year-old Alex from Yerevan.
Our Alexik’s greatest passion are cars. He can play with them all day long without getting bored. His sister is often involved in these games, and the joy is doubled. Our sweetheart also has toy tools, with the help of which he regularly repairs his “crashed”-damaged cars.
Alex loves to play with kinetic sand, and once he did it right on the carpet (which, unfortunately, had to be thrown away).
One of our Alex’s hobbies is bathing․ Especially in this summer heat, he takes baths 2-3 times a day. Between the bathes he manages to play not only with real toys, but also with his brother “Hato”’s (Hayko) phone.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our caring boy made many friends (special greetings to Hracho, Hayk, Aren, and others) and misses them a lot while at home!
Alex dreams of having a big car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. Alex’s dream came true thanks to US-based three amazing Armenian boys: Aram, Levon and Hayk, who are the sons of Yelena Bisharyan, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the American Chapter of City of Smile Foundation. For months, they collected their pocket money to come to Armenia and do a good deed.
Our sweet Alexik is already enjoying his new car, and we are very grateful to Aram, Hayk and Levon for these precious moments. We are very happy that the Foundation has for many times been a unique bridge between children living in the homeland and in the Diaspora.
Together we can save lives!


Our little hero today is 2-year-old Maria from Kotayk region.
Our beauty is very close to her older sister. When she has to stay at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center longer than usual, she misses her father and sister very much and starts “calling” them, by saying “Daddy․․․ dear dad․․․ Nan․․․ my Nana․․․” (her sister’s name is Vika, but Maria calls her Nana).
Our Maria’s vocabulary is not very rich yet, so if she needs or wants something, she o+ften turns to gestures and explains everything with just 2-3 fingers.
Our sweety has a very big heart and, unlike many of her peers, she is very willing to share what she has, be it a toy or food (the latter is mainly about Maria’s only favorite food – a slice of bread or a salty stick).
Maria will be very happy to receive a kids’ sofa bed as a gift.


P. S. Our Maria’s dream of having an armchair-bed also came true thanks to one of the benefactors of our dear Peace City NGO, who wished to remain anonymous.
We are very grateful to Peace City NGO, personally to Lilit Hambardzumyan and to the kind person who made our sweetheart’s dream come true.
Cancer is not contagious, love and smiles are.


Please meet our 5-year-old Sargis from Ararat region.
Sargis’s obsessed with cars․ He can play with cars all day long, build garages and parking lots․․․
He is very close to his older brother Serozhik, and they love to draw and play different games together. Unlike little chatterbox Serozhik, Sargis is more serious and self-contained.
Sargis also likes to spend time in the yard․ He plays with sand, bakes sandy “cakes”, and serves them to his family members.
Our teddy bear has a very unique gastronomic taste․ In addition to traditional dishes, he also enjoys eating exotic snacks, such as chicken comb and legs marinade.
After starting his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he decided to become a doctor so that he could “give life to everyone like he is given one”. On the way of getting skills for his future profession, he regularly measures his mother’s pressure and prescribes treatment courses to his toys.
Sargis dreams of having a big car, in which he will be able to sit and drive, and a lot of balloons!


P. S. Vick Ismailyan, who has already become our dear friend, continues to make our children’s dreams come true.
This time our sweet teddy bear Sargis got the car he wanted.
We are very grateful to Vick for fulfilling our Sako’s wish and we were very happy to see him in the homeland.


Our children continue to dream, and today we will tell you about our 4-year-old Anahit from Gegharkunik region.
Anahit’s hobby is playing house with her dolls. She also enjoys playing with lego-type sets and their backyard sand, digging a hole in it, adding water, and carrying out serious construction works, building castles and palaces. She also follows the trends:) and asked her mom to buy her a Pop It toy, but only two minutes later she got bored and put it aside.
Our fairy loves to watch cartoons, especially the Armenian translation of the “Masha and the Bear”, as well as the animated film about the adventures of her namesake Anahit.
Anahit has not yet made a clear decision on her future profession, but it is not difficult to guess, considering that throughout her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, she constantly assigns lab tests and treatment rounds to Robin the Robot, and keeps asking the nurses, “When are we going to go up to harvest stem cells?”
Our sweetheart dreams of having a beautiful “girlish” bed and a talking doll.


P. S. Thanks to our good friend Lilit Sahakyan, Goodwill Ambassador of City of Smile ChF, our Anahit’s dreams came true․ Our fairy is already playing with her talking doll and has a new bed. We are very grateful to Lilit for fulfilling Anahit’s wishes. In her new bed, our Anahit will surely have very sweet dreams.


Our today’s hero is 3-year-old Hayk from Shirak region.
Our handsome boy is passionate about cars of all sizes, colors and shapes. He also enjoys playing with sand and modeling clay. He likes to watch cartoons, as well as to follow the adventures of young vloggers. The only “problem” is that no cartoon or video is watched till the end, he quickly gets bored and turns on the next one.
Hayk loves to dance․ When he’s in the right mood, he invites Robin the Robot to their hospital room, asks him to turn on the music, and he and his friends start partying.
Our Hayko is a very friendly and caring kid. Once, when his friend Alexik (2y) got an injection, he got very angry and began “fighting” with the nurses (the nurses at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center are, of course, very caring and professional, and we do not stop admiring them). Hayk was also very worried when his other little friend Miko (2y) had a fever․ He was walking restlessly and thinking of ways to help.
While receiving treatment, Hayk misses their home and his siblings a lot, so he constantly asks his mom to take him to “Itush’s (sister’s name is Rita) house”.
Our brave boy dreams of having a big car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. During his stay in the homeland, our dear friend, US-based Vick Ismailyan managed to fulfill our another kido’s wish. Our sweet Hayk already enjoys car rides in his red car.
We are very grateful to Vick for bringing our Hayko many happy moments.


Please meet our 8-year-old Tigran from Stepanakert.
Tigran is a big fan of sports․ He enjoys swimming and cycling. He also desperately wanted to attend boxing classes, but due to illness his plans had to be delayed a bit: he will finish the treatment, he will grow a little and he will definitely fulfill his wish.
Our strong boy is the third of four children in the family and is very close to his little sister Tatevik. Tigran feels a great responsibility towards his sister, constantly cherishing and protecting her from visible and invisible dangers – “Tatev, do not run”, “Tatev, be careful”․․․ In a word, parents can be calm for the safety of little Tatev:)
Tigran is also a very neat and attentive child․ He never forgets to wash his hands before eating and always folds and arranges his own clothes.
Our Tiga:)’s hobbies are painting and playing with Lego-type sets. Moreover, both in his pictures and in the models made by him, the military theme always prevails․ Our brave boy draws and makes tanks, military planes and weapons.
Our brave Tigran will be very happy to replenish his collection of toys, receiving a toy gun (automatic) and an airplane as a gift.

28/04/2021 2021-04-28

Today’s hero is our 15-year-old Abel from Kotayk region.
Abel’s passion has always been and still remains music in all its manifestations: he both sings and performs on musical instruments. The list of musical instruments he’s mastered is looong – piano, kamancheh, drum, guitar, etc.․․
Abel is in the 9th grade and of all the subjects he loves Armenian History and Maths the most. He enjoys going deep into the historical developments in different periods and is especially proud of our achievements during the Artaxiad and the Arsacid dynasties.
Our brave boy decided to take up music more seriously after finishing his treatment, starting his career in the field as a performer, and later continuing as a music producer.
Abel would be happy to meet Mihran Tsarukyan, because, according to Abel, Mihran is both a wonderful artist and seems a very good person:)


P. S. Our Abel’s only dream was to meet Mihran Tsarukyan. Mihran responded with great readiness, and a few days ago their surprise meeting took place at the Hematology Center.
Our shy Abel was very excited to see his beloved artist. He performed a piece from his own composition on the piano. Mihran Tsarukyan was very impressed with Abel’s musical talent, and they agreed to meet again and discuss Abel’s musical future after completing his treatment.
We are very grateful to Mihran Tsarukyan for meeting our strong boy and encouraging him.


Please meet our 9-year-old Meline from Ararat.
Meline’s favorite pastime is painting․ She is especially good at painting landscapes. Of all the colors, she likes red the most.
Meline also enjoys playing games on the phone. She usually gets bored very quickly and replaces old applications with new ones.
Meline often fights with her little 4-year-old brother over whose turn it is to play on the phone, but nevertheless, they love each other very much and constantly kiss each other:)
Our smart girl does very well in school, but she gets tired of reading long texts. Instead, she is a big fan of Maths.
Meline does not watch cartoons because, by her own definition, she is “already a big girl”, but she really enjoys following the events of the “Fake Mama” sitcom.
During the conversation, our beauty at first found it difficult to tell what her dream was (later we found out that she was just being too shy:)). Eventually, her choice fell on a large doll (not a Barbie-type one) and paint-by-number kits.


P. S. It’s very touching when our former beneficiaries and their family members respond and express their willingness to realize the dreams of our children who are currently receiving treatment.Our sweetheart Meline’s wish to have a big doll and painting accessories came true thanks to our beauty Mary and her sister.As a sign of gratitude, Meline made a thank-you card, and we will gladly pass it on to Mary’s father Gor. We are very grateful to Mary and her family, let our girls always be very healthy.


Our little heroine today is 3-year-old Arevik from Yerevan.
Most of all, our Arevik loves playing with her cat named Marie. The cat is her best friend and together with Marie she spends the whole day: wake up, play, eat, sleep, repeat:)
Arevik’s older sister has already learned to read; in her spare time she reads fairy tales to Arevik, and sometimes they play house together.
Our sweetheart is a very “musical” kid; she has been listening to classical music every day since she was a baby, and her favorite pastime is going to concerts and theaters with her sister and parents. She has definitely decided to learn to play the piano after finishing her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
(We hope Arevik will finish her treatment as quickly as possible, and her family will be able to return to their normal routine very soon.)
Our beauty will be very happy to receive a lego-like constructor with small details and a large encyclopedia.


P. S. Our former beneficiary Mary and her family had prepared a surprise for our another beneficiary. Our sweetheart Arevik already has a huge Lego-type set:)
Arevik’s surprises, however, were not limited to this. One of the very dear friends of the Foundation, who wished to remain anonymous, fulfilled our beauty’s other wishes as well.
We’re very grateful to these very kind people – our dear Mary, her family and our loyal friend, for filling Arevik’s day with lots of smiles.


This Wednesday our hero is 11-year-old Armen.
Armen’s favorite hobby is painting. He has a special sketchbook, where he creates drawings on everyday themes, mainly using the combination of black and white colors.
Our brave boy has already decided on his future profession: he is going to be a programmer and write gaming codes, but “for serious games, not shooting ones”.
Armen has a 4-year-old brother, whom he enjoys taking care of. He likes to watch cartoons with his little brother and play football with his friends. In addition to yard games, they also like to play PlayStation.
Our mature young man:) clearly distinguishes wishes from the dreams, emphasizing that his dream is first of all to recover quickly, and as for wishes, he looks forward to the construction of a big 3-storey house in the future. He has already decided on the distribution of rooms on each floor, and in the yard he wants to have a large swimming pool and a barbecue grill.
Armen has no other material wishes, instead he would be very happy to meet singer Gor Sujyan and actor Sos Janibekyan.


P. S. Talented Gor Sujyan readily responded to our Armen’s dream of meeting with him and visited Hematology Center on Friday.
Since February 19 was the Book Giving Day, Gor also prepared a symbolic gift for Armen – a book.
During the meeting, Gor and Armen shared their hobbies and childhood memories (it turned out that Gor’s song “Yes kulam” (I cry) has been Armen’s lullaby for years), and they agreed to meet again during a concert.
We are very grateful to Gor for fulfilling the wish of our handsome:) (this is what we call Armen:)) and visiting him.


Resuming the series about our children’s dreams, today we want to introduce you to our 4-year-old Levon from the “Armenian Sparta” Tsovagyugh:) of Gegharkunik region.
Our blue-eyed boy loves cars and everything connected with them the most. His favorite color of cars is red, and the favorite brand is ToLota:). Even the fairy tales Levon listens to before going to bed are about cars and champions.
Our sweet boy is looking forward to recovering, growing up, building a two-story house and planting a tree.
Of all the seasons, he loves winter the most, because in winter he together with his little brother and friends roll in the snow and make a snowman.
Though our Levon is quick to take offense and may stay upset for several days, but as soon as the peace is made, he becomes the same very caring and friendly boy again.
Levon wants to become a doctor and cure all the children in the world. Meanwhile, he dreams of owning a car which is driven by legs.


P. S. Thanks to beautiful Lilia Shushanyan, the dream of one of our children came true months ago.
Recently, Lilia expressed her readiness to make a dream come true again․ This time the lucky one was our brave Levon. Levon has a new car while “racing” which he also trains his leg muscles.
We are very grateful to Lilia for bringing our another kiddo lots of smiles.


This Wednesday our hero is 7-year-old Mayis from Kotayk.
Mayis’s hobby is playing with lego-type blocks. With his Lego playsets he builds houses, cars and ships and unites them into a big Lego city.
He also likes to play with sand, building houses. As you understand, our lovely boy has already decided on his future profession: he will become a constructor and build 100 and more storey buildings. Sometimes he also thinks about becoming a policeman, because he wants to protect good people and punish criminals.
Of all the animals, Mayis loves dogs (especially his dog named Bulldog), rabbits, cows and “cow calves” the most. The most important reason to love cows so much is the milk they give, from which Mayis’s favorite matzoon (Armenian yogurt) is made.
Mayis has an older brother and a younger sister. He often plays “boyish” games with his older brother, and then they go and play with their two-year-old sister and make her giggle․
Our shy Mayis dreams of having a big toyhouse in which he can play.


P. S. Kind-hearted people continue to make our kids’ dreams come true.
Thanks to “Makhtesyan Helping Hands” Foundation, our Mayis already has the toy house he long dreamt of, where he loves to play with his sister.
We are deeply grateful to Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation, personally to beautiful Lusine Nersisyan, for choosing and presenting this wonderful gift with such great love and care.


Our today’s hero is 3.5-year-old Gor from Yerevan.
Gor’s biggest passion are cars of all sizes and colors. He can play with cars, drive them and organize races from early morning till late night, without getting bored.
Gor also likes to watch cartoons. Of all the cartoons, he especially enjoys following the adventures of Tom and Jerry, Masha and the Bear, and the Wolf and the Rabbit from “Well, Just You Wait!”.
Our Gorik has an older sister Yana. Together they play different games, including pretend games like House, Shopkeeper, and most often, Doctor and Patient.
Our happy boy loves his doctors Ruzanna and Julia very much, but he misses his dad and sister a lot while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Just today he saw his relatives in his dream and in the morning he asked his mother to take him home․․․
Gor still doesn’t know what he wants to become, but his mother is sure that whatever profession he chooses, it will definitely be connected with cars.
Our boy will be very happy to get a big toy garage with different cars.


P. S. We get really excited when kind people express their willingness to make our children’s dreams come true. We get even happier and more excited when such a wish is expressed by our former beneficiaries who have already completed the treatment.
Our Gorik’s dream of having a big garage came true thanks to our other sweet boy, Levon. In the begining of the meeting both boys were shying away, but then they smiled at each other more bravely.
While Gorik was calculating how many cars could be stored in his garage, his mother heard the most symbolic wish from Levon’s parents. “Be strong and let the same happen to you.”
We are very grateful to our Levon and his family for fulfilling our Gor’s wish and encouraging his family.


Please meet our lovely 7-year-old Anna from Armavir.
Anna’s hobby is playing with dolls or, as she calls them, “kukliks”. In Anna’s house her dolls live in very comfortable conditions, they have their own mini-house, kitchen utensils, various beautiful clothes. Sometimes they get tired of staying indoors and Anulik’s brother’s toy car takes them to the garden where they gather fruit and relax by the pool.
During our conversation, we found out (and were really touched) that three of her dolls are named after us: Ester, Toma and Emma.
Our sweetheart was also very excited while speaking about dancing. She attends dance classes and likes to dance to Armenian music the most. She’s already got three medals from various concerts.
Anna’s favorite seasons are autumn and winter, because in autumn the leaves fall, and in winter it snows, and the most important thing is that during both seasons there is wind that “plays” with her hair:)
Our artistic girl is looking forward to finishing her treatment, because then she will be allowed to eat strawberries, and her uncles will buy her the long-promised big doll.
Annushka dreams of having real Barbie dolls.


P. S. Thanks to Sevan Gigi, our dear friend based in the US, the dream of our beautiful Anna, our another beneficiary, came true.
Anna’s collection of “kukliks” was replenished with Barbie dolls, for which our Anulik has already definitely decided on names and roles.
We are very grateful to Mrs. Sevan for bringing very happy moments to our another kiddo.


Please meet our 6-year-old Hrachya from the city of Abovyan.
Hrachya’s favorite pastime is watching cartoons on the phone. Moreover, his favorite cartoons do not have clear names and, according to his mother, they are full of mixed characters with an Asian appearance.
Hrach has a 3-year-old sister, with whom he likes to play. Sometimes they fight and in those moments, Hrach offers his parents to replace his sister with a baby brother, by giving her away to another family:)))
Our shy boy colors and paints with pleasure, he especially likes to draw nature. Before starting the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he attended karate classes, and after finishing the treatment, he intends to go to vocal classes, because he is very good at singing.
Hrachya loves Mercedes G-Class cars very much and demands from his parents to buy one right now, bring it under the hospital window so that he can get better faster and drive it home himself.
Until then, he will be very happy to have a toy version of that car (definitely black one), in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. For several months now, our Hrachya has been enjoying a smaller version of his favorite Mercedes G-Class car.
His dream came true thanks to one of the Foundation’s kind-hearted friends, who again wished to remain anonymous.
We wish our strong Hrach “green light on the roads”, and once again express our deepest gratitude to our friend.


Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Maria Alexandra.
The future parents had long discussions about the name of our beauty and, finally, after including the options they both wanted, this beautiful and original combination was obtained.
Our Masha is an exceptional animal lover. Permanent residents of their house – a dog, a turtle and a duck, are not enough for her and every day she hosts, feeds and then releases different animals from their yard, including beetles, mosquitoes:)) and even cockroaches. From the age of three, Maria does not eat meat at all and does not understand meat eaters (including her family members :)).
Our kind girl decided to establish a special organization as she grows up, which will take care of homeless animals.
Maria’s uniqueness is not limited to this: she is one of the very few children we know who loves rock the most and especially enjoys listening to the performances of the German band Rammstein.
She also loves the songs in the “Trolls” cartoon, as well as all the characters of this animated film, and has got a large collection of mini-figurines of them. (picture in the comments)
Masha dreams of replenishing her collection of mini-figures of “Trolls” cartoon characters and having a real guitar.


P. S. Thanks to the Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation, the dream of our another kiddo came true: our Maria has already got a guitar. It is difficult to describe in words the excitement of our sweetheart when receiving the gift – she was joyfully jumping and hugging everyone around:)
We are grateful to Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation and Lusine Nersisyan personally for those happy moments. We look forward to enjoying our Masha’s performances together.


Today we will tell you about our 10-year-old Arman from Gyumri.
Our lovely boy loves his hometown very much and often walks in the beautiful streets of Gyumri.
Arman enjoys doing his homework, and in “Photon” college his favorite subjects are Math and Armenian language (a bit). Arman is very close with his teacher Mrs. Gasparyan, who also initiated a very touching video from Arman’s classmates, urging him to stay strong, to overcome the disease and return to school very soon.
Our smart boy is seriously into mental arithmetic. While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center he misses Ms. Syuzi and Ms. Lilit, specialists of the “Paratus” Center, very much.
Despite his great interest in sciences, Arman has firmly decided to become a lawyer and protect human rights.
Ater classes, Arman likes to play football with his friends. He also monitors the developments in world football and is a fan of Messi. Our delicate boy has no “material” wishes․ He only dreams of meeting with beloved actor Mkrtich Arzumanyan aka Mko and Olympic champion Artur Aleksanyan (by the way, they both are from Gyumri, too).


P. S. One of our Arman’s dreams came true: meeting of Arman and Arthur Aleksanyan, small and big strong gentlemen from Gyumri, took place.
We are very grateful to our champion for responding. We are confident that, inspired by this meeting, our lovely boy will continue the fight against the disease with new energy, and will win just as confidently as Arthur Aleksanyan wins at the Olympic Games and in various tournaments.
Special thanks to Elya and Rafo for organizing the meeting.


This Wednesday, our little hero is 2.5-year-old David from Kotayk.
David’s obsessed with cars. In his huge collection of cars there are models of all colors and sizes and he never gets bored while “driving” them. In his free time he watches cartoons on TV and YouTube․ His favorite is the series about the adventures of a little man named Johnny. In the yard, David rides his little bicycle and likes to play hide-and-seek with his family members. In our sweet boy’s opinion, the most convenient place to hide in the house is the closet, from where it is sometimes difficult to get him out:) Our David is a very active kid, he gets bored of activities that require staying still for a long time. He is also indifferent to the lego-type toys, but during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he discovered kinetic sand, and now he can play with it all day long.
David has a sweet tooth and he smiles widest while enjoying chocolate, cake and ice cream. Our boy dreams of having a car-bed, which will surely become his favorite item in the house, complementing his collection of cars in a unique way.


P. S. Physical distance is not an obstacle for kind-hearted people, who are willing to make our children’s dreams come true.
Our David is already enjoying sweet dreams in his new bed, which was presented to him by Vick Ismailyan, a US-based friend of the Foundation,
Many thanks to Vick for fulfilling the cherished wish of our another kido.


Please meet our 14-year-old Karina from Tavush.
Karina loves to paint, she is especially good at portraits. Her favorite colors are bright yellow and blue, she likes their combination as well.
At school she enjoys studying both Armenian and World History. She likes historical movies, especially about war, during which she pays attention not so much to the military operations, but to the human feelings and twists of fates. Living in the border village of Tavush, she is well aware of the importance of peace and dreams of always seeing the borders of our homeland impregnable.
Karina graduated with honors from music school․ She plays the piano very well and now attends guitar lessons. She wants to become a pianist, and we are sure that we will have many opportunities to enjoy her wonderful performances.
Our beauty dreams of having a mountain bike so that she can comfortably ride on the rocky roads of her native village.


P. S. Armenians living abroad continue to bring smiles to our children. Our tender Karina now has a bicycle, which was presented to her by Anita from the United Arab Emirates with great love and warm wishes.
We are very grateful to our friend
Anita and we wish our beautiful Karina safe bike rides.


Today we will tell you about our 10-year-old Milena from Shirak.
Milena’s most enjoyed hobby is painting․ She paints in different styles, but likes to paint animals the most. In general, she loves nature and animals, especially dogs, cats, rabbits, and parrots and pigeons🕊 from birds. She is looking forward to quick recovery so that her beloved doctor Lusine Krmoyan allows her to own a pet parrot.
In her spare time, she also enjoys watching cartoons․ She really likes princess stories, especially “Rapunzel”.
Our tender Milena misses her home and her family very much, especially her little brother, who is her best friend, and with whom they play, run around and ride a bike.
Despite the opportunities provided by new technologies and the fact that Milena communicates with her family members every day, our girl can’t wait for the day when her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is over and she is back home.
Our beauty dreams of having a big, very big ․․․ bigger-than-her teddy bear.


P. S. Our compatriots abroad continue to inspire our children and make their dreams come true.
Thanks to Vick Ismailyan, a US-based friend of the Foundation, our tender Milena already has a teddy bear bigger than her.
Many thanks to Vick for bringing our another kido lots of happy moments.


Today’s hero is 1.7-year-old Mikael from Kotayk.
Our tasty bun’s:) most favorite pastime is watching cartoons. He especially likes educational cartoons about fruits and numbers and series featuring adventures of the Three Cats.
Mikael enjoys playing with small papers, clothing labels:) and pencils. Pencils are sometimes used directly – he likes to color and prefers bright colors: yellow, red, blue.
Our strong boy loves to play with broken parts of toys. He mainly breaks the toys himself in order to play, but sometimes his older sister (3 years old) “helps” him. They play a lot with each other, often trying to involve the youngest member of the family, their newborn sister, too.
Mikael is a very active kid․ He can run and play with ball all day long, but at the same time he is very careful, rarely falls and gets injured.
Before the diagnosis, Mikael slept next to his mother, but while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he got used to comfortably sleeping on a “big” bed and no longer allows even his mom to lie next to him.
Our sweetheart Miko will be very happy to have a big bed at their home, too.


P. S. Our Mikael can already stretch quietly while sleeping, for a kind young man, who wished to remain anonymous, has prepared a wooden house-bed for him with great love and care. According to Miko’s mother, in addition to primary use, Miko and his older sister also jump in the bed all day long and play with “mayliks” (smilies:)), hanging from the “ceiling of the house”.
We are grateful to our friend for making Miko’s dream come true. We are sure that from now on our sweet bun:) will only have good and sweet dreams.


Please meet our 12-year-old Garik from Gegharkunik.
Garik’s favorite pastime is playing in the yard with his friends and riding bikes together, and in the evening they often play hide-and-seek with a large group. If the weather doesn’t allow them to play outside, they do not get upset and compete with each other on mobile phones.
Garik loves going to school, and maths is his favorite subject. Our smart boy has decided to become a software developer, and the first thing he is going to do after finishing the treatment is attending programming classes.
Garik’s family lives in the city of Sevan, and he often goes to swim in Lake Sevan. In general, swimming is one of his favorite sports, he enjoys attending karate classes, as well.
Garik likes Russian movies, and in his spare time, he sometimes watches cartoons, too. Recently, he was especially impressed by the animated films “Ratatouille” and “Zootopia”.
Garik dreams of having a big (N 26) bike, so that after finishing the treatment he can continue cycling with his friends in his hometown.


P. S. Thanks to caring Meline Ghazaryan, our strong Garik already has the bicycle of his dreams. We are very grateful to Meline for fulfilling the wish of our smart boy. We can’t wait for Garik to finish his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center soon, return to his native Sevan and go for a bike ride with his friends.


This Wednesday our little hero is 2-year-old Sona from Yerevan.
Our Sona is very stylish․ Her hobby is wearing different clothes and organizing a fashion show. For Sona, buying clothes is a very long and scrupulous process, which she must personally participate in. She always matches the color of her clothes with the color of her nail polish (and vice versa), and if she doesn’t like any clothes, no force in the world can make her wear them.
Our sweetheart has decided to become a doctor, and from now on she organizes practical classes using toy medical collections with the participation of her favorite patient, her mother, so that she can become even more skilled in her future profession.
Sona’s favorite toys are dolls, she also loves to play with toys with light and sound effects and watch cartoons. Of all the cartoons, she especially enjoys following the adventures of Masha and the Bear and sincerely cheers for the Bear.
Our beauty has a healthy self-esteem and regularly reminds everyone about it, saying “I’m a good girl, I’m a pretty girl”.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Sona misses her father, other relatives and their home very much, and keeps repeating: “As soon as Sona is cured, she will go home”.
Sona dreams of having a big three-wheeled bicycle and a tall, non-soft doll, who will “become her friend”, whom she will feed, put on beautiful clothes, put on lipstick, and go for a walk together.
P.S. At Sona’s request, all her photos are filled with lots of heart signs.


P. S. Kind people around the world continue to fulfill our children’s dreams, bringing them many happy moments.
Our sweetheart Sona’s dream also came true thanks to “There is always hope”, a friend of City of Smile Foundation.
We are convinced that even across the ocean our partners felt the joy and excitement that Sona experienced when she saw her gifts.
We are very grateful to “There is always hope”, personally to Anahit Harutyunyan, for the firework of emotions brought to Sona.


Today’s little hero is 3-year-old Artyom.
Artyom is a very friendly and cheerful child. His hobbies are running around, jumping and playing with sand in nature. He loves water and finds it difficult to part with his pool in the summer.
Our lovely boy admires the animal world, and of all the animals he especially loves tigers, both real and toys. Artyom has a large collection of soft toys and loves to play with them.
Of the colors Artyom prefers bright yellow and red, as well as restrained black. He also enjoys watching cartoons and following the adventures of the Blue Tractor, Little Train, and Mowgli.
Artyom loves cars of all colors and sizes, whether they are remote-controlled, mechanical, manual or leg-driven. He already has cars of all these types, but now he dreams of a big car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. We are convinced that positive emotions help to overcome cancer faster, we are very happy when willing people respond to the posts about our children’s dreams.
Our Artyom’s dream came true thanks to kind Marina Кazaryan. Marina presented a big, turquoise, very beautiful car to our boy, as well as a set of small cars.
Artyom likes his car so much that, according to his mom, spends most of his time in it.🏎
We are very grateful to Marina for fulfilling Artyom’s wish and bringing him lots of positive moments.


Our today’s hero is 13-year-old Zohrab from Armavir.
Our kind boy attends school with great pleasure, where his favorite subjects are Armenian and Yezidi. Since family members communicate in both languages ​​at home, Zohrab knows both very well.
After school, he hurries home to play football, hide-and-seek and other yard games with his friends. He also loves to play with his sister and brother, mostly board games.
Zohrab’s family has different domestic animals: chickens, cows, bulls, but Zohrab loves their donkey the most and wants to have a horse in the near future.
Our determined boy has decided to become a policeman like his grandfather and ensure everyone’s safety.
Zohrab’s heart is in the mountains, and he is looking forward to returning home and resuming his walks in the mountains.
Also for that purpose, our Zohrab dreams of having a bicycle.


P. S. One of friends of City of Smile ChF, who again wished to remain anonymous, fulfilled the wish of our another beneficiary: our Zohrab already has a bicycle. We are very grateful to our dear friend for being there for us and our kids. We look forward to seeing our kind Zohrab finish his treatment, return home, and take a bike ride in his beloved mountains


Today we will tell about our 4-year-old shy Elen.
Our beauty loves arts and crafts the most; she plays with play dough, kinetic sand, and lately she has been enjoying making sand pictures and asks her dad for a new picture every day.
Out of play dough she makes baskets, fruits, sun… and always a Santa Claus, because she loves New Year and is looking forward to kind granddaddy coming again and bringing her lots of gifts.
Instead of cartoons Elen enjoys following the adventures of little vlogger Nastya and her dad, and of all the episodes she likes the ones where Nastya shows her toys the most.
Our sweetheart Elen is the youngest sister of three and is very happy when her elder sisters read fairy tales for her. Her favorite tale is the “Little Red Riding Hood”, which she is eager to listen to all the time, but always asks to skip the parts describing the wolf’s dangerous:) actions because she gets scared.
Elen also loves playing with medical instruments and has definitely decided to become a doctor and treat all children.
To become even more skilled in the medical profession, Elen wants to have a set of medical instruments. She also dreams of having a bicycle.


P. S. Sevan Avakian Kalenderian, dear friend of City of Smile Foundation, again expressed willingness to fulfill a dream of one of our children. Thanks to her, our beautiful Elen is already enjoying her new bike.
Surprises were not limited to that: our compatriot Yelena, who lives in Moscow, also has prepared many beautiful gifts for our sweet girl.
We are very grateful to Mrs. Sevan and Mrs. Yelena for bringing our Elen many smiles.


This week our hero is 2-year-old Eleonora.
Elya is very stylish and prefers to wear dresses and definitely matches them with headbands and hairpins. She is especially looking forward to the birthday parties, which they celebrate with other children at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. She insists that her mother dress her up nicely so that she can go and sing the song “Ichi Burdey Tu Yu” (Happy birthday to you) for the jubilee.
Our joyful girl has a big collection of toys, but she likes to play with dolls the most. She also has a lot of toy medical tools, and all her dolls are regularly “treated” by Dr. Eleanor.
Although our brave beauty is still crying while receiving injections, she has learned to calm herself down during that time, saying to herself “it’s over, it’s over, it’s over”, and at the end, while still emotional, she always thanks the nurse.
Our Elya loves to play with cut-out papers, and of all the colors she especially likes purple and pink.
She dreams of having a bicycle so that “Elanik will get better and will ride a bike”.


P. S. With the support of kind and willing people, our children’s dreams continue to come true.
Our Moscow-based compatriot Varsik Avetisyan kindly responded to our post about little Eleonora’s dream, and our sweet girl is already enjoying her new toys and beautiful clothing set.
We are very grateful to Varsik and look forward to our joint events, which we plan to organize as soon as the pandemic is overcome.


Today we will tell you about our 5-year-old Lilia from Artsakh.
Our beauty likes to play house the most, and her favorite toys are LOL dolls. She skillfully distinguishes the original LOL doll from the fake one, and her LOL collection is so large that she’s decided to decorate this year’s Christmas tree exclusively with them.
Lilia loves healthy food and enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. She especially enjoys broccoli and green peas and asks her mother to buy them for her almost every day.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our sweetheart misses her brother and their house in native Artsakh. She is looking forward to completing her treatment to return to Artsakh and have a picnic with her family near the “Grandmother-Grandfather” (“We are Our Mountains”) monument.
Lilia has a very bright imagination, she loves painting and dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Every evening, she sums up the day (especially if it was memorable), saying “Today was a very good day” and thanking her relatives. Our Lilia’s dream is to have a trampoline so that the sofa can be replaced with it to jump on it all day long.


P. S. Our beautiful Lilia already has her dream trampoline thanks to Peace City NGO, a dear friend of City of Smile ChF. We are grateful to Peace City NGO and personally to Lilit Hambardzumyan, for making our little princess’s dream come true and bringing her lots of joyful vibes.


Today our hero is 1-year-old Elena.
Our baby girl can watch cartoons all day long and she does not get bored at all. Her favorite cartoons are “Masha and the Bear”, “The Fixies” and “The Blue Tractor”.
Yelenka loves her 3-year-old brother immensely and enjoys playing with him. Brother takes care of his little sister and tries hard to cheer her up by jumping, dancing and running in front of her.
Our sweetheart does not like traditional toys, instead she plays with candies and sometimes manages to do tricks, like making a hole in the candy wrap and eating it. She does other naughty things, too, like not letting put a medical mask on her face, or pulling the yarn while grandma is crocheting and laughing…
Yelena also loves to listen to music, especially Armenian dance songs, under which she not only dances but even sleeps. She also enjoys “playing” the piano with her little hands in the playroom of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Our sweetheart dreams of having her own toy piano and will be very happy if the gift is given to her by Masha and the Bear.


P. S. Even during this difficult time, our children’s dreams continue to come true, thanks to kind people.
Our little Yelenka already enjoys her new piano, which was lovingly presented to her by 12-year-old Elena Khundibekyan from La Crescenta, LA.
We are very grateful to Elena and her family for making our little beauty’s dream come true.


We continue to present our children’s dreams, and our hero today is 5-year-old Gor.
Gor enjoys watching the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”, but he loves books more, and although he still can’t read on his own, he has many favorite fairy tales and finds it difficult to pick one.
Gor has definitely decided to become a cook like his grandfather, and the first of his tastiest dolma will be made for Alisa, Head of the Psychosocial Service at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. He also adores his doctor grandpa:) Iskanyan and doctor Mary.
Of all the seasons, our brave boy loves summer the most, because in summer he goes to his native village Lor in Sisian. In his words, he is still small to cultivate the soil, but instead he can play in the yard all day long. Gor proudly mentioned that he knew that the great Armenian poet Hamo Sahyan was born in that village too, and it turned out that they are related.
“I want my head to be cured, to recover and, if possible, to go to Italy,” our boy notes, then adds that, of course, after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Until then:) Gor dreams of having a big car that he can sit in and drive.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, dreams come true even during the state of emergency…
Our Gor already has a big and beautiful red car, for which we thank Naira Sargsyan who responded to our post and fulfilled our brave boy’s dream.


Please meet our 6-year-old Aida.
Aida loves collecting Lego sets and she builds beautiful palaces and castles out of them. Our sweetheart also enjoys playing house with her two-year-old sister, though, she says, her little sister sometimes shouts and scatters her toys.
The most beloved fairy tale of our beauty is the Golden Fish, but if she caught the golden fish, she would say only one wish instead of three – health to all.
Of all the cartoons, Aidul prefers “Masha and the Bear”, “Peppa Pig” and “Rapunzel” the best, and we have decided to release sky lanterns after the situation calms down.
Aidul talks warmly about her doctor Lala Vagharshakyan and she misses her friends Arevik, Sona, Tamush and Juliana, whom she met and became close with while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. They are now attentively following each other’s treatment stages and encouraging one another.
Aida dreams of having a Rapunzel doll, a piano and a small-detailed Lego set.


P. S. The realization of our Aida’s wishes was being continuosly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
A few days ago, one of our sweetheart’s dreams finally came true. She already has a beautiful and stylish smartwatch, which will not only tell her what time it is, but also will help her stay in touch with her relatives.
We are grateful to “Yerazank” NGO and beauties Liana and Julie for bringing our Aidul many happy moments.


Our little hero this week is 3-year-old Razmik from Armavir region.
Razmik is a very mobile and energetic kid. While talking to us, he was constantly jumping, spinning around, and treating us fruit.
At the very beginning of our conversation, our boy mentioned that since his hair has fallen off, his head began to look like his father’s shaved face.
In his spare time he enjoys watching cartoons “Masha and the Bear” and “Nu Pogodi” (“Well, Just You Wait!”), playing soccer and riding a bicycle.
Razmik also loves playing with his little brother and assisting his mother with his brother’s care.
Razmik dreams of getting a big blue car that he can sit in and drive… and flowers for Grandma:)


P. S. Thanks to our kind partner Yerazank NGO, our Razmik’s wish also came true․ He received his dream car, which he kept driving around the first floor of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Yerazank NGO and beautiful Liana Asoyan personally for bringing our sweet boy very happy moments


Please meet our 3-year-old Jessica from Byureghavan.
When choosing her name, her parents hesitated for a long time between the names Jessica and Catalina, and in the end, the choice fell on the name Jessica, which is very appropriate for our beauty.
Unlike most girls of her age, Jessica doesn’t like to play with dolls and other games and toys that are traditionally considered “girly”. Instead, she breaks all stereotypes and prefers toy cars and weapons.
During treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our sweet girl misses her older brother the most, with whom they play various games for hours and do not get bored.
She has strong acting skills, often stages mini-plays with the help of her toys and wants to become an actress.
Jessica dreams of having a pink bike with 2 wheels.


P. S. Even when being physically far away, kind people find ways to make our children’s dreams come true.
Beautiful Jessica is already enjoying her dream bike thanks to our compatriot Vick Ismailyan.
Our Jessica also received a toy car and a large basket of vitamin-rich fruits, which she and her mother decided to share with other children receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
We are grateful to Vick for responding to our post and fulfilling our sweetheart’s wish.
Special thanks to Vick’s friend Ashkhen for organizing the gift delivery process.


As you know, City of Smile Foundation supports not only children but also young adults under the age of 25.
This Wednesday our hero is 19-year-old Arthur from Artsakh.
In Shushi our kind guy got a qualification of plumber, but he remembers that during the breaks he regularly went to classes for bricklayers or welders, but most of all, he enjoyed watching the woodworking workshop. He already has some skills and can make wooden cups.
While receiving treatment at the Hematology Center after Prof. Yeolyan, Arthur visits children at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center almost every day, where they play interesting games together and tell funny stories to each other.
Arthur didn’t take well his previous round of chemotherapy and was very weak, and this time he gets himself ready with the help of music; he especially loves retro songs and prefers historical movies.
Arthur is the youngest of five children. During his treatment, he misses his relatives and his home village immensely and is looking forward to returning home.
His wish is to improve his woodworking and pottery skills and advance his knowledge of English.

04/03/2020 2020-03-04

Please meet our 10-year-old Hayk from Sisian.
Only recently Hayk got interested in cartoons and phone games after starting treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
But his real passion has been and remains nature. After classes he enjoys farming instead of all other activities; he cultivates the garden?, waters roses, jasmines and other flowers he has planted. Of all the animals he especially likes rabbits and pandas (we decided to breed pandas in Armenia if we had the right living conditions) and of all the fruits he is fond of juicy pear the most. The ideal dinner for him is eating butter-eggs-tarragon and sometimes (secretly) wine. He also loves fishing and enjoying delicious fish right on the riverbank.
Hayk, in his words, also distills good vodka from mulberry, plum, black apricot and pear. He collects and processes raw materials, and his dad helps him with that.
Our brave boy wants to become a doctor, but has not yet decided on a narrow specialization.
Hayk dreams of having a synthesizer and already knows which Armenian songs he is going to play the first.


P. S. Even during the state of emergency, our children’s dreams continue to come true.
Thanks to Armen Muradyan, the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, the big dream of having a synthesizer of our Hayk came true. Due to the safety of Hayk and our other children currently receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Mr. Muradyan sent the gift to Hayko instead of personally bringing it.
We are very grateful to Mr. Muradyan for bringing our boy lots of happy moments.
We look forward to enjoying Hayk’s performances.


Our hero this week is 5-year-old Nver from Vardenis.
Օur boy with warmest smile prepares for school with great pleasure – he wants to learn Russian very much and is very excited about writing letters and numbers and proudly demonstrates the work he has done.
Nverik loves his doctor “SNavikovna” (Lusine Hakobyan) very much and imagines his treatment process as follows: “Snavikovna will send me home, then I’ll come to the hospital, then I’ll go, I’ll come again, then I’ll go home again … and I won’t come any more…”.
He is confident that proper nutrition? (“what matters is my eating”) is essential to recovery, and he eats buckwheat several times a week while dreaming of summer and watermelon and vanilla ice cream.
His hobbies are painting and singing, especially “Hmayak” song :)))
Our brave boy wants to become a Power Ranger to help people.
Nver dreams of having a car-bed and it is compulsory for it to have functional headlights.


P. S. A kind friend of City of Smile Charitable Foundation, who again wished to remain anonymous, made our unique Nver’s very unusual dream come true.
We are sure that in his new car-bed, our Nvero will have only good and colorful dreams.
We’re grateful to our friend for being there for us and our children.


Our little hero this week is 2-year-old Georgi.
Georgi’s favorite thing to do is playing with legos and wooden cubes. He also enjoys playing with cars and motorcycles, and they are clearly separated by color; cars should be red and motorcycles should be black.
Our Georgi is a very neat boy – he always collects all his toys, picks up all the things on the ground and puts them in their places, his clothes never get dirty, and, because of being also very careful, he never does anything dangerous.
Georgi loves bears, pigs. He can watch the fish swimming in the aquarium for hours, and he always feeds them with great care. But of all the animals his most beloved one remains the cow or, like he says, the “bzho”.
Our brave boy prefers developing cartoons that teach the colors in different languages and, of course, stories about superheroes. He especially loves the Spiderman, whom he calls simply “the Little Man”.
He dreams of meeting the Little Man (that is, Spiderman) and receiving a toy Spiderman from him.


P. S. Our little Georgi’s dream also came true thanks to Sergey Shahbazyan. Seryog:) came a long way from Stepanavan to Yerevan just to meet our sweet boy and cheer him up. Georgi’s beloved “Little Man” – Spiderman had also joined him, and they brought lots of gifts for Georgi: toys, candies and multicolored balloons, all featuring Spiderman.
Seryog also met with Georgi’s family, and we are confident that this was the beginning of a new and very warm friendship.
We are very grateful to Seryog for bringing lots of smiles to our Georgi’s cute face!


Please meet our 5-year-old Kassiana.
Drawing and playing on the phone are two favorite occupations of our girl with a unique name, meaning “Starry Night”. By the way, her “canvases” are either painted only in black, or in different bright colors. Of all the phone games she especially likes car races, virtual combat, and most of all she loves billiards and always beats both her dad and her dad’s friends:)
Our beauty also has interesting food choices; she doesn’t eat meat at all, but really likes fried potatoes and any kind of pasta, which she enjoys with pickled cucumbers and other picked vegetables. Although Kassiana is a sweet-tooth, she can also eat whole lemons with great pleasure.
Kassiana had previously wanted to become a teacher, but after coming to the hospital, she decided to be a doctor to insert a catheter into kids without any pain and certainly cure them.
Our sweetheart will be happy to meet Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse and get toy cooking utensils, but most important part is that the gift must be beautifully wrapped.


P. S. Dreams come true when there are willing and good people.
Dreams of Kassiana, our girl with a unique name, meaning “Starry Night”, came true thanks to beautiful Lilia Shushanyan. Kassiana received a variety of toys as well as stylish clothing, all beautifully packaged and decorated with symbolic stars, and the character Minnie Mouse was replaced by a toy one due to safety needs.
We are very grateful to Lilia for fulfilling Kassiana’s wishes and for putting so much care in choosing and delivering her gifts.
We look forward to tasting the delicious masterpieces made by Kassiana with her new kitchen toy accessories.


This week we will tell you about our almost 2-year-old Alen from Spitak.
Alen is not only the youngest of five children in their family, but also the youngest hero of our #wednesdaymeetourheros series.
Alen’s most favorite thing is playing with his dad and his twin brother, Aren. During his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he misses Aren very much, and their rare meetings are full of hugs, kisses, and long conversations in a language understandable only to them.
Alencho loves to play with balls, paper, as well as pans, spoons and ladles. His favorite “toys” include also badges of his doctors Ruzanna Papyan and Anna Avagyan, which Alen “grabs” during their every visit and does not return.
He also enjoys “tashik” and starts to dance to any sound reminiscent of music.
Alen’s hero mom, who, by the way, also has a grandchild, dreams of taking her twin babies (photo in the comments) for a walk as soon as it is warm enough. and for that reason it’d be great for our boy to have a bicycle (with a handle for the parent).


P. S. Our beloved partner Yerazank NGO expressed willingness to fulfill the dream of the youngest of our heroes, Alen: Alen and his twin brother Aren already have bicycles.
During the meeting all the beautiful ladies fell in love with our Alencho and they agreed to meet again soon.
We are very grateful to Yerazank NGO for fulfilling the wish of our sweet boy.


Our first hero of 2020 is 3-year-old Lilit.
Lilitik has an irreplaceable and inseparable friend – a doll named Kuku. She walks with Kuku, feeds Kuku with delicious food, and goes to sleep hugging it. Kuku also often plays the role of a patient when Lilitik assumes the role of a doctor and performs “procedures” with medical toy instruments (you can see the photo of Kuku in the comments).
In her spare time, Lilit also develops her culinary skills by baking cakes and even cooking a barbecue in her toy kitchen.
Our sweetheart also loves to watch interesting shows, movies and especially cartoons about the adventures of Booba, as well as Masha and the Bear. She also has an older brother, and they really enjoy playing with each other… for the first thirty minutes:)))
Strange as it may sound, our Lilitik enjoys coming to the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, calling it a “cute” hospital where her favorite doctor is Samvel Iskanyan.
Our beauty’s dream is to have a pink bike, with a basket, which, as you can guess, is intended for Kuku.


P. S. Thanks to the “Yerazank” NGO and their friends, our Lilitik’s dream also came true; she already has a pink bicycle with a special basket for her favorite doll Kuku.
We are very grateful to our dear partner for fulfilling Lilit’s dream and for the joyous moments they have brought to her.


Please meet our 11-year-old Aren from Vanadzor.
Our kind boy with big eyes is different from his peers; his favorite occupation is playing chess, and he no longer loves cartoons. Instead, he enjoys watching movies, especially about superheroes of whom he loves Thor the most and wants to be as strong as him.
Aren enjoys going to school, is always prepared for the classes, and of all the subjects he loves math and English the best. By the way, we found out later that our modest boy is also the winner of numerous math competitions and Olympiads. He dreams of becoming an architect and building very tall buildings, at least 10-12 stories high.
Instead of playing on computers and tablets, our smart guy prefers reading books and further enriching his knowledge. He also enjoys watching cooking TV shows (though he doesn’t particularly like eating, and only likes dolma and white chocolate) and videos showing how to give new life to old things.
Aren dreams of having a bike and a lego constructor with small parts.


Our clever Aren’s dream came true thanks to the Fertility Center in the person of Edward Hambardzumyan,
the supporter of our loyal friend Peace City program.
Our brave boy will welcome the new year with his new bike!
We are very grateful to the Fertility Center and Peace City NGO for making Aren’s dream come true and making him happy.


This week our hero is 5-year-old Ashot from Gavar.
Although Ashot doesn’t go to school yet (and isn’t eager to go to), he has already learned most of the letters and numbers from 1 to 100 with a toy computer.
Like almost all boys, he is also a fan of cars, especially black and blue ones. Of all the car brands he loves Niva the most, and he is sure that when accelerated, Niva will not even be inferior to Ferrari.
He loves his grandmother’s gata, and when purchasing a bun or water, he always throws the small change into our donation box (by the way, we urge everyone to follow his example).
Our cute boy’s favorite toys are medical instruments and fairy-tale books.
During the meeting, Ashot insisted that we call him “Mr. GeneLaR” and interrupted the conversation for a moment, calling his “employee” and instructing him to “board a helicopter and fly to work”.
Our general boy dreams of having a big toyhouse (with a doorbell) where he can play and just hide if he wants to.


P. S. A good friend of the Foundation who wished to remain anonymous fulfilled our Ashot’s dream. Now our sweet boy spends most of his time in his toy house, where he has also moved all his toys.
We are very grateful to our friend for making Ashot’s dream come true and for bringing him joy and lots of happy moments.


This week we will tell you about our 9-year-old Lily from Kotayk region.
She gets excellent marks at school and most of all likes Math and English. Even while receiving treatment, Lily does not neglect lessons, she studies Armenian language and Math so as not to miss much of the curriculum.
Of all the musical genres, our beauty prefers especially folk music and enjoys listening to the performances of Nersik Ispiryan and Arabo Ispiryan.
Lily is addicted to painting. She attends painting classes, loves painting nature, working with both dark and bright colors, and has definitely decided to continue her education at the State College of Fine Arts named after P. Terlemezyan after graduating from elementary school, and get a specialization of a stylist-artist, which she intends to combine with the responsible and important work of a rescuer.
Our single-minded girl always bravely overcomes obstacles and loves to be the first in all matters (we are sure she will achieve all her goals).
Lily dreams of having professional painting supplies and materials (oil paints, gouache…), as well as a real-looking doll (she mentioned that she doesn’t like Barbie dolls at all).


P. S. City of Smile Foundation’s good friend “Yerazank” NGO, led by Liana Asoyan, fulfilled the dream of our another beneficiary – Lily.
Our beauty has already got the doll and painting supplies she wanted so much and now she can already give freedom to her imagination.
The girls became very close during the meeting, and Lily also invited them to her 10th birthday, to which she was looking forward for months.
We are very grateful to Dream NGO for making Lili’s dream come true and for bringing her very happy moments.


Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Aram from Koghb village of Tavush province.
While receiving treatment, Aram misses playing with the “neighborhood kids” outdoor games like hide-and-seek, “hala-mula” and “pobeda”.
In the past, Aram wanted to become a singer, and now he has changed his mind; he decided to be a police officer. And despite changing his mind, he still enjoys listening to music and especially loves Mihran Tsarukyan’s performances.
His most favorite cartoons are “Nu, Pogodi” and the one on adventures of Masha and the Bear. Asked if there were any other cartoons that Aram liked, he replied sharply that there weren’t any in native dialect.
Aram is looking forward to recovery so that he could enjoy as much sweet treats as his heart desires. He has already made a list: in the first place is watermelon, and “second job” is ice cream. He didn’t eat watermelon all summer, neither did his mom, but he generously allowed his mom to eat melon because he doesn’t like it:)
Aram dreams of having a bike to ride in his native village with his friends.


P. S. Thanks to Sevan and Kevork Kalenderians, our lovely friends from the US, the dream of our Aram also came true. Aram with his new bike managed to make a couple of turns in the corridors of the Hematology Center, and even taking the medicine at the very same moment could not prevent him from implementing that important task. Mrs. Sevan also talked to Aram’s mother and embraced her, urging her to be strong and resilient.
Our friends, having learned in advance what supplies were needed at the playroom of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, had also prepared many gifts for the playroom and all our other kids. In the end, Mrs. Sevan, coloring the heart on the map of Yerevan, noted that it’s her heart that she was leaving here and promised to return soon.
We are deeply grateful to our dear Sevan and Kevork for fulfilling our brave Aram’s wish, as well as for their continuous support to the foundation and our children.


Please meet our 7-year-old Aren from Artsakh.
Our lovely boy, who is currently homeschooled, looks forward to going to school, where he will continue learning technology, fine arts, and, of course, the subject on the world around us. Our warmhearted Aren takes care of nature and does his best to keep it clean.
In his free time, Aren likes to play with friends in the yard, and on the computer he prefers playing football games, particularly the Super Striker. His favorite toys are building blocks, as well as cars and boats of various sizes.
Aren looks forward to growing up and affording a car for his mom.
Our resolute boy has also decided to become president, and to our question what he would do in that case, he answered without hesitation, “I will do whatever I want… Well, except for theft.”
Aren misses his native Artsakh very much while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in Yerevan. In Artsakh he most loves the Dedo-Babo monument (“We are our mountains”).
Our teddy bear dreams about having a kick scooter with light up wheels.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, our sweetheart Aren’s dream also came true.
Aren already has a kick scooter with light up wheels and has even managed to take some rides in the corridors of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Mariam Sargsyan for fulfilling our teddy bear’s wish.


This week our hero is 4-year-old Hrach from the Ararat village of Ararat province.
The most favorite occupation of our boy with big eyes is playing with toy construction cars, including cranes, excavators, trucks, etc. He is especially excited when these cars are yellow.
Hrach follows the real professional work of construction equipment on YouTube channels, and then he applies those skills learnt to his small cars in his mini-construction.
Of all the seasons he prefers spring the best because he loves it when nature awakens from winter sleep, and the trees are green and bloom again. And likes monkeys most of all animals because they are so funny.
Hrach has an older brother and sister; together with his brother he drives cars and with his sister he plays imitation games, like “going for shopping”, “cooking meals”, etc.
Our boy dreams of having a big toy truck and meeting a very funny clown.


P. S. Yerazank NGO, led by Liana Asoyan, expressed willingness to encourage one of our beneficiaries, and this time, thanks to them, the dream of our Hrach came true.
The clown who visited Hrach together with Yerazank NGO brought a lot of joy with his funny jokes and games.
And now our boy with bright beautiful eyes enjoys playing with his big new “construction” car in his spare time.
We are very grateful to Yerazank NGO for fulfilling Hrach’s dream and bringing him many happy moments.


This week we will tell you about our 7-year-old Avet from Martuni.
In his spare time, Avet together with his brother Mark and their friends enjoys playing hide-and-seek, catch and other “traditional” outdoor games, as well as basketball and football. Our lovely boy also attentively follows world football developments and cheers for Cristiano Ronaldo.
Avet loves watching comedies and always laughs loudly during watching.
Our joyful boy also loves going to restaurants and is actively involved in giving toast speeches. During our conversation, he offered to raise a glass (empty boxes of pencils served this purpose) and drink for “our children”.
Avet is looking forward to going to school and is confident that he will love math more than other subjects. When asked who he would like to meet and what he would like to receive, he answered without hesitation that he would like to meet new friends and receive a letter of appreciation like his brother.
Then Avet added: “Let me think to myself so that I wouldn’t mix everything up”. As a result of thinking to himself he found out that he dreamed about having a bike.


P. S. Thanks to Armen Muradyan, the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, the dream of our Avet also came true: our guy already has a bike that he was so looking forward to.
Mr. Muradyan was not able to deliver the gift in person, but he sent very warm wishes to our Avet wishing him to get well soon.
We are very grateful to Mr. Muradyan for fulfilling our brave boy’s wish and making him very happy.


Please meet our 10-year-old Edmond from the village of Vosketas in Aragatsotn.
Edmond’s favorite sport is football, he especially likes watching the matches of Barcelona football club and, of course, cheers for Messi. He also watches movies and cartoons, and in both genres his favorite story is about the jungle-dwelling Tarzan.
Our brave blue-eyed boy prefers to relax in the nature and watch animals and birds. His most favorite birds are eagles, pigeons, and parrots. He has definitely decided that once his treatment is over, he will have a parrot pet.
Edmond’s favorite hobby is painting. By the way, in the family of our modest boy, almost everyone paints. He often organizes drawing competitions with his elder sister, and sometimes their gifted mother also takes part.
Edmond wants to become an architect and has decided that his first designed building should be a 27-storey residential house.
He dreams of having Batman costume and a remote-controlled helicopter, as well as meeting with singer Lilit Hovhannisyan.


P. S. Thanks to our loyal partner Lilit Hambardzumyan and Peace City NGO, led by her, dreams of our brave Edmond and Gagik came true: Batman Edmond already fights against the evil heroes with his new helicopter, and Gagik enjoys his new BIG bike.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for fulfilling our boys’ dreams.


This week our little hero is 4-year-old Luisa from Etchmiadzin.
Our beauty loves to play with her dolls and take care of them. By the way, the dolls must definitely be bald-headed. Her hobbies are singing and dancing. She loves to dance especially to Georgian music and is looking forward to taking professional dancing classes.
Luisa’s favorite color is bright yellow, and her favorite season is winter, when she can wallow in the snow, make snowmen and play snowballs.
She very much wants to have a baby brother, and keeps asking her parents to “get her a brother from the store”.
Our sweetheart is currently receiving conservative treatment, and she misses her doctors from the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, especially Lusine Krmoyan. Luisa has decided to become a doctor herself to cure all the children in the world.
Our bright girl dreams of having a big(!) bike to take her sister Tatev for a ride with her.


P. S. A very kind girl who wished to remain anonymous fulfilled our sweet Luiza’s dream. From the very first moment our pretty girl rode her new bike very skillfully and, as she had promised, took her little sister on a bicycle ride. Luiza and her sister also received cute bags that would definitely fit their different accessories.
The donor prepared gifts also for other children receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, including bags, toys and exciting games.
We are very grateful to the beautiful lady for both fulfilling our Luiza’s dream and bringing positive vibes to our children at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.


Please meet our 5-year-old Narek from Vanadzor.
Our teddy bear:)) likes to assemble lego-type constructors, talk to the cat in his mommy’s phone and play with small cars that must be made of iron.
Like all children, Narek also loves to watch cartoons, especially the adventures of wolf and rabbit in the old Russian cartoon “Nu pogodi!” (Ну погоди!), cheering for the rabbit.
Our boy has a very interesting musical taste and his favorite song is “Noravank candles”, the other favorite song is described as “Lalila”, the singer of which is a curly boy like our Narek, and Narek misses his curls very much while watching the video clip and is looking forward to his hair growing back again.
To our question as to whom he would like to meet, our sensitive boy answered without hesitation; “Ani from our kindergarten”. It turns out that Narek misses Ani very much and looks forward to their next meeting.
Narek dreams of having a piano/ synthesizer and a guitar and learning to play well these musical instruments.


P. S. Today our Narek’s dream also came true. Armen Muradyan, the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, visited Narek and brought many gifts for him. They had a very sincere meeting and our boy received not only musical instruments he had dreamed of, but also a very good bike that he rode skillfully from the very first minute.
We are very grateful to Mr. Muradyan for fulfilling our Narek’s wishes and bringing him a lot of happy moments.


This week we will tell you about our 5-year-old Aram.
Our shy boy loves to be in the wild, caring for and feeding the animals.
In his spare time, Aram enjoys drawing and coloring, playing hide-and-seek with family members and listening to music and dancing to the sounds of “Aram-zam-zam” song.
Of all the seasons he especially loves winter and looks forward to snow when he can play snowball and make a snowman.
Our brave boy dreams of having a big motorcycle, preferably in his favorite green color, to drive with his little brother in his native village. After spending a long time in the hospital, Aram also wishes to visit a children’s cafe and carousels.


P. S. Thanks to City of Smile Foundation’s faithful partner Peace City NGO , our beloved Aram’s dream also came true.
Our brave boy had a wonderful day at the children’s park, rode carousels, played fun games, and of course got the much-awaited motorcycle.
We are very grateful to Peace City NGO and personally to Lilit Hambardzumyan for being there for us and our beneficiaries again and for fulfilling our lovely Aramik’s dream. We are confident that our wonderful boy, who, by the way, has just finished his treatment, will enjoy riding this beautiful and powerful motorcycle very much.


This week our little heroine is 2.5-year-old Mane from Lori region.
Before she got sick, our little miracle was a very lively kid, constantly singing and dancing. During the treatment period, she prefers more passive leisure time and especially enjoys painting and coloring, as well as playing with sand and building sand castles.
Mane misses her home very much and all her family looks forward to her quick recovery and return back to village. It was in the village that Mane saw horses for the first time and fell in love with them, and since then these beautiful animals are her favorite ones.
Our sweetheart with long eyelashes, in spite of all stereotypes, does not play with dolls but rather likes “driving” cars.
Mane dreams to have a bicycle and take bike rides with all members of her family.


P. S. The dream of our little Mane also came true thanks to the partner organization of City of Smile Charitable Foundation “There Is Always HOPE”.
With her beautiful and comfortable bicycle, she is ready for long bike rides, for now with the help of her mom or dad, and later on her own.
We are grateful to “There is Always Hope” organization and Mrs. Anahit Harutiunyan and Mrs. Ruzanna personally for fulfilling Mane’s dream. We are sure that this surprise will greatly enhance the mood of our beauty.


As you know, City of Smile Charitable Foundation supports not only children, but also young adults till the age of 25.
And this week we will tell you about our 21-year-old Karen from Gegharkunik region.
In his spare time, Karen loves to watch comedies. He also follows the news because he wants to keep up with new developments.
Karen prefers Armenian folk songs, especially listening to Nersik Ispiryan’s and Ruben Sasuntsi’s performances. The musical taste is perhaps influenced by the fact that Karen’s family is of Mush ancestry.
Karen’s biggest dream is to be fully cured. He also wishes to attend jewelry or cooking classes to further become a qualified specialist in the labor market.

31/07/2019 2019-07-31

Today we will tell you about our 5-year-old Goharik.
Goharik’s favorite things to do are all music based: in her spare time she plays a synthesizer, listens to music and dances with her sisters. She especially loves singer Lilit Hovhannisyan and dreams of meeting Lilit in person.
Goharik is also a good painter, and it was one of her bright paintings that Anna Hakobyan, spouse of the Prime Minister of Armenia and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of City of Smile Charitable Foundation, presented to National University Health System in Singapore during her recent visit.
Our tender girl, as you probably already guess, is fond of pink and purple, as well as doing “girlish” things and applying kid-friendly makeup. She dreams of having a dressing table with accessories so she can play with her sisters after finishing the treatment and returning home.


P. S. Thanks to our caring partner Peace City program and their main supporter Fruits of Love Mission, our Goharik’s wish also came true. She received a gift – a dreamy pink dressing table with interesting accessories, and now she can make herself beautiful in front of the mirror.
Mega Toys prepared another surprise gift for our sweet girl – a magical jewelry making kit.
We thank Peace City NGO, Fruits of Love Mission and Mega Toys. These beautiful toys made Goharik very happy, and we and our beauty will be looking forward to seeing Goharik finish her treatment and go home so that she can play with her sisters, as well as sing and dance.


Meet our 8-year-old Gurgen, who was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at the end of 2018.
Our tender boy loves his family very much, especially his mom, who he constantly kisses.
Gurgen’s musical taste deserves some special attention – he prefers listening to Frank Sinatra, Adele, and the Belgian singer Stromae.
He likes red cars and the animated cartoon series about the naughty Masha and patient Bear.
Since Gurgen also has autism, he regularly works with a logopedist and has had good results due to his continuous work. However, a break in this work has had a negative impact on his speech development, so Gurgen and his family dream of having the opportunity to continue training with a logopedist.
Gurgen would also be very happy to have logic games and wooden toys to develop his memory and cognitive skills.


P. S. A group of caring people made our Gurgen’s wishes come true. A beautiful doctor who wished to remain anonymous gave him a set of exciting games, and our loyal partner, Peace City NGO, in the face of our beloved Lilit Hambardzumyan, replenished our Gugo’s stock of toys.
“International Child Development Center” NGO and “There Is Always HOPE” charitable organizations also expressed readiness to support Gurgen and his family.
We are very grateful to all responders for caring, and we are confident that with our combined and continued efforts we will achieve very good results in improving Gurgen’s health .


Please meet our beautiful 12-year-old Garni.
Our girl with unique name likes watching the “youtubers”, who describe the levels of various computer games and provide useful tips for passing them.
Thanks to these videos, Garni can understand and speak English pretty well, which, by the way, is one of her favorite subjects at school. She also likes math, and this has resulted in her choice of future profession: accountant. Wishing to add creative elements to an accountant’s work, our bright girl wants to combine it with a designer’s career.
In addition to combining accountant-designer specializations, she is also able to combine Minecraft, Roblox, PubG games and playing with LOL dolls. She hopes to have a big collection of LOL dolls one day.
Garni loves painting, especially portraits. She is also a very good photographer and considers herself her sister’s “personal photographer”.
In order to further develop her photography skills, our beauty dreams of having a turquoise (this color is a must!) camera, which will surely help her to get great shots.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, our Garni’s dream also came true.
Fruits of Love Mission, the main supporter of Peace City program, namely Naira Martirosyan, presented a turquoise instant camera to our beauty. The first photo taken by this camera is of Garni and Naira smiling at us.
Garni also enjoyed a wonderful day at Cityzen entertainment center and returned home with beautiful memories.
We are very grateful to Fruits of mission and Naira Martirosyan, as well as Founder of Peace City NGO Lilit Hambardzumyan for reaching out to us and making our sweet Garni’s wish come true.
We look forward to seeing Garni’s beautiful photos taken by this camera.


This week we will tell you all about our 7-year-old Elen.

Elen likes going for walks and shopping, and is looking forward to “having leukocytes” so the doctors will let her resume these activities. She also has a collection of LOL dolls and can skillfully differentiate original dolls from fake ones. In her spare time, our beauty likes to watch vlogs in Russian, and because of this she can already speak Russian pretty well. (Also, she is going to create and run her own vlog soon—stay tuned!) Elen is very close with her two older brothers, one of which is serving in the army. Our humorous girl laughingly notes that now, since she has lost her hair due to chemotherapy, she and her soldier brother look very much alike. Elen is anxiously awaiting the end of her treatment, as once it’s done, she wants to hug and thank her doctor Gevorg Tamamyan.

Our brave girl dreams of having a guitar so she can play and sing happy songs, all composed by her.


P. S. Thanks to Peace City NGO and Lilit Hambardzumyan, Elen’s dream also came true. With her new guitar, she can already play and sing her own funny songs. We are sure that our beauty will soon make many new masterpieces.
We are very grateful to Peace City NGO for working with us again and fulfilling our beloved Elen’s dream.
We look forward to enjoying her performances together.


This week’s hero is 6-year-old Lyusia from Artsakh.
Our beauty is very disciplined and neat, and does not like it when things are messy. She enjoys playing with her talking smart doll Tanyusha, who is one of her close friends. In her spare time she likes painting, coloring and working with gypsum and clay.
Lyusia looks forward to returning home, where her older siblings are waiting for her. She also misses her beloved dog, Jimmy.
Lyusia told us many other things as well, but we promised not to reveal any of her secrets, as she mentioned “it is personal”.
Lyusia wants to have a bracelet making kit (“but there should be hearts and jewelry in the kit”, she emphasized), as well as meet with singer Lilit Hovhannisyan.
Her biggest dream is to be rich so that she can build a big hospital where children won’t be hurt (featuring a huge trampoline!).
We hope that all dreams of our beauty will come true.


P. S. Thanks to the good friends of City of Smile Foundation, the cherished wishes of Lucia have been fulfilled.
Our sweet girl already has different bracelet making kits, as well as musical instruments and plenty of other toys.
We are very grateful to our beauties Ani, Inessa, Maria and Mery for giving Lyusia lots of smiles.
We are convinced that these beautiful presents will provide interesting entertainment for our lovely Lyusia and the next stage of her treatment will be more smooth.


This week we will tell you about our brave Gagik from Gyumri.
Gagik’s favorite thing to do is playing with sand, tablet and PlayStation, as well as riding a bike. He does not like to paint at all, and as for coloring, he says, “I’m not a little kid to color.”
Gagik is obsessed with vehicles of different types and sizes; large and small cars, motorcycles, quadricycles, etc․․․ Of all the computer games, he loves car racing the most. He has definitely decided to buy the biggest car for his daddy as soon as he grows up.
Our strong boy swims very well and looks forward to fully recovering and going on a vacation to the beach with his family.
Gagik enjoys watching Russian cartoons and is very fond of Aram MP3’s songs, especially “Alabalanitsa”, while listening to which he also actively sings along and dances.
Our guy dreams of having a big bike and meeting Azat (Boris Baghdasarov) from Azizyans sitcom.


P. S. Thanks to our loyal partner Lilit Hambardzumyan and Peace City NGO, led by her, dreams of our brave Edmond and Gagik came true: Batman Edmond already fights against the evil heroes with his new helicopter, and Gagik enjoys his new BIG bike.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for fulfilling our boys’ dreams.


Please meet our 11-year-old Ruben from Akhalkalaki.
Ruben is obsessed with Lego playsets and other small-detailed things. He likes watching movies, except those of horror genre as he is worried about not being able to sleep for a couple of months.
In his spare time our brave boy likes to ride a bike. He told us that once, when he was riding a bicycle in his hometown, he fell and got a bit injured, but did not get scared.
Ruben really loves exact sciences and hasn’t yet decided what specialist to become: a programmer, an architect, a mathematician or a scientist (or all together). He proudly mentioned that while he was in school he got only 9s and 10s (out of 10) for Math.
He dreams about meeting with Aram Mp3, going to robotics classes and having a big Lego set.


With the support of “Yerazanq” NGO, our Ruben’s another dream came true: he met with Aram Mp3.
Ruben was a bit shy at the beginning, but was very happy to see his favorite singer. While speaking about their hobbies, Aram and Ruben have found out that both of them love to drive bicycles. They also talked about sports, Ruben’s beloved Lego playsets and the differences between schools in Armenia and Georgia.
They agreed that by the next meeting Ruben would have built the playset gifted to him and would show it to Aram.
We are very grateful to “Yerazanq” NGO and Aram Mp3 for fulfilling our beloved Ruben’s wish.


Please meet our mature and brave 11-year-old Eduard from Yerevan.
Eduard has been a goalkeeper at Mika football club, and he misses his teammates a lot. He is a big fan of Messi, Neymar and Suarez. You probably guessed that our hero is a major Barcelona football club fan.
In his spare time he likes to play a tablet game, called Free Fire.  By the way, he suggests other players of this game find him as EDUL0005735V. He also likes listening to Russian rap, and laughs a lot while watching comedy movies. In this genre he especially likes the latest season of “Full House” sitcom.
Unlike many of his peers, Eduard is not interested in toys, and one of his major desires is to meet football player Henrikh Mkhitaryan and comedy actor Grigor Danielyan.


P. S. Yesterday another dream of our Eduard was fulfilled. He had a wish to meet with actor, screenwriter Grigor Danielyan, who readily responded to our request and visited Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

Our brave boy presented Grigor his achievements in online games, and Grigor shared some of the secrets of the filmmaking process. Besides, Eduard was the first to learn about the new projects of their creative team. They also talked about their future plans and agreed to meet again in the filming location where Eduard would also meet with other actors and get an idea of ​​the special effects during the filming process.

Thank you, Grigor, for making our Eduard’s dream come true.


This time our hero is 16-year-old Astghik from Gyumri. She studies at Gyumri Economic College and besides she also wants to learn cosmetology and become a cosmetologist-makeup artist.
Being very active, Astghik is also involved in the activities of the intercultural club in Gyumri, where she organizes games for the kids that attend the club and ensures they are having fun. Communication with children is easy for Astghik because she is the eldest of five children of her large family.
She likes to listen to music of different genres, according to mood. From musical instruments Astghik prefers piano and violin  and she has a special attitude towards guitar. she dreams about having one and learning to play her favorite songs.


P. S. Thanks to our good friend Arpi Oskanyan, the dream of Astghik also came true. Now she is the owner of so much anticipated guitar, and we hope to enjoy one of her beautiful performances soon.
While handing over the gift, Arpi also told Astghik about her relative who had overcome cancer and inspired Astghik to be stronger.
We are very grateful to our kind-hearted friend for standing by us once again. We are convinced that Astghik will continue the treatment with greater enthusiasm and will beat the cancer.


This week’s hero is 10-year-old Romik from Aparan. Our courageous boy, along with fighting cancer, is also going through the recovery of spinal fracture, but he does not despair and eagerly waits for the doctors to allow him to eat his favorite dishes of dolma and kebab.
He likes to play with his talking “friend” toy, as well as to make various shapes from paper.
Romik dreams of having a remote controlled car, but this time he has promised himself to “drive” more carefully and not to crash it. He would also be very happy to have a smart watch and to meet with Mihran Tsarukyan.


Thanks to our kind friends at EasyPay other dreams of our Romik also came true. He now has a very large and extremely fast car and a really “smart” watch, on which besides the main function he can also play games, make calls, and his relatives can track his location.
We thank Easypay and the beautiful ladies from this company for bringing joy to Romik.


Please meet our 5-year-old Tigran from Vardenis.
Due to exceptional diligence and willpower, he daily records new results on the way of overcoming difficulties and post-surgery rehabilitation.
Tigran is also a very caring friend. In the kindergarten he used to calm down the younger children, that were crying for their moms. And now, while receiving treatment at the Hematology Center after R. Yolyan, he urges other children to cheer up, often in the cute dialect of Vardenis.
Tigran likes to play with kinetic sand and he would like to have a bicycle that would serve him both for recreational activities and quick recovery.


P. S. Thanks to Lilit Karapetyan, a Moscow-based benefactor, our Tigran’s dream was also fulfilled. Now he’s got a bike he likes so much that wants to ride constantly. By the way, he is pretty good at riding it from the very first moment.
We are sure that the bicycle will help our goal-oriented boy to recover faster and just to have fun.
We once again thank Ms. Lilit for her willingness to make Tigran’s wish come true.


Please meet Zina, she is 6. She is from Mijnatun and has an older sister and a younger brother.
In March, 2019 Zina was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is not getting her treatment at Hematology Institute.

Zina loves playing with dolls and makes beautiful dresses for them with help of her mom. She doesn’t like when somebody is sloppy with her dolls, that is why she only lets people who are careful to play with them.
Zina has made up her mind, she will be a singer, Lilit Hovhannisyan inspired her.


P. S. On May 2, our little Zinaida’s dream came true. “There is always HOPE” foundation, in the face of Anahit Harutiunyan, donated the so much anticipated bike.
The gift was given to Zinaida by Armen who went through the same battle himself. Armen also helped Zina to try out her new bike and have a ride around the hallways of the hospital. Our little beauty was very excited and happy. She is eagerly waiting for her recovery so that she can have a bicycle tour on the roads of her native village.

We are grateful to the “There is always HOPE” foundation, personally to Ms. Anahit Harutyunyan and to our brave Armen.


Please meet Yeva, she is 4, a future doctor . She is from Yerevan and has an older brother.
In August, 2017 Yeva was diagnosed with histiocytosis and is not getting her treatment at Hematology Institute of Armenia.
Yeva love getting flowers and balloons from her dad. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. Although her older brother is a very good student in school, Yeva is very strict about his homework.
Yeva loves to bake and even has her own mixer and makes very tasty cakes.

Our sweet girl dreams to have “makeup staff “and “lots of balloons”


P.S. On April 6, Kristina Uzunyan and Greta Harutyunyan came to visit our sweetheart Yeva. They brought her many pink balloons, sweets and of coarse make-up staff.
Yeva was so excited and happy to open her gifts.

We are very grateful to everyone who stands by our side and by the side of our kids. We are confident that by help of caring people, our kids will win the battle.


Please meet Aram, he is 8. He is from Ararat and has a younger sister.
Aram is in the second grade and he loves going to school, because there besides having the classes he gets to play with his friends. But most importantly, there is a girl there that he loves, and he cant wait to go back to school. Aram also loves playing soccer, actually he is the best stiker in the team, that is why he always gets best grades. After school he enjoys taking his sister on a bicycle ride.

Aram dreams to become a doctor and to have a “big car”.
As for now, he really wants to have a violin and to learn to play it .


P.S. Well by help of Arpi Oskanyan Aram’s dream came true, he now has a violin. This surprise visit made him smile many more times and will be an unforgettable day for Aram. We hope soon we will hear him play.

We are grateful to very kind Arpi Oskanyan for her willingness and the wonderful gift.


Please meet Gevorg, he is 7. He is from Gyumri and has an elder sister.
He loves going to school and his favorite subject is math. He is a very curious kid, loves to examine what things are made of. He also loves to read and watch videos about human body and brain cells. Gevorg asked his mom to read with him information about his diagnosis, tried to understand details of the desease rhabdomyosarcoma, about bad and good cells and about ways of treatment. Before this diagnosis Gevorg loved to ride a bike, play with Chalo or play football with his friends after school. Gevorg is already registered in their local library, he loves to read fairy tales, stories about airplanes and dinosaurs. Now he wants to become a movie actor, so that he can play the role of Spider-man.
Gevorg really wants to practice karate and also learn to play a guitar.


P. S. Thanks to our kind compatriot Lilit, who lives in Germany, Gevorg’s dream also came true. he already has a guitar and is going to learn to play it soon.
It turns out that Lilit and Gevorg have much in common: both of them are of Gyumri ancestry and they both love Karate and German language very much. Lilit, by the way, was the champion of Armenia in karate and promised Gevorg to support in attending a karate group, as well, after his full recovery. She also offered her help to Gevorg and his mother regarding German language studies.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for making Gevorg’s dream come true.
We are convinc


Please meet Erik, he is 6 and a half years old (his words). He is from Masis and has an elder brother. In February, 2018 he was diagnosed with T cell lymphoma. Currently he is being treated by his dearly loved doctor Lilit Sargsyan at Hematology Center.
Erik loves playing chess. Because of the sickness he had to miss school this year, however he started going to chess classes and even got the books for it.
Erik loves national songs and he even has a song written by him called “Mayrik”, which is a great relief for his mom when she gets sad. With his elder brother they fight over who will kiss the other one more (aren’t they cute ?).


Erik dreams to be cured soon (we dream that too). He also has a great desire to meet the boys from TV series “In the army”.


Please meet Emily 7 years old. She is from Yerevan.
Our Emiliy is a very talented girl. She draws beautifully and in spite of her young age she has already drown dozens of paintings. In May, 2018 she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and received treatment at Hematology Center. When this sweetheart found out about her disease, she not only did not give up, but instead courageously fought the disease.
Emily dreams of having an exhibition of her artwork. She also really, really wants to have professional painting supplies and a molbert.


P. S. A very kind girl who wished to remain anonymous fulfilled our Emily’s dream. With her new art supplies, our bright girl can already give freedom to her imagination.
We are very grateful for making our talented girl’s dream come true. We are confident that Emily will create beautiful pieces of art.


Please meet Ruben -9 years old. He is from Gyumri, has two elder sisters.
He is a very active kid. He used to practice boxing and dancing. Ruben loves cars and wants to have his own car collection. Months ago, his family moved to live in Roston, Russian. However when Ruben was diagnosed, they decided to return back to Armenia. In December, 2018 Ruben was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leucosis . Now he is getting his treatment at Hematology Center.

Ruben has 2 dreams, and we will do our best to fulfill them. He dreams to meet famous weightlifter Nazik Avdalyan and his favorite singer Mihran Tsarukyan.


On May 24, one of the dreams of Ruben (as well as Romik) came true. Mihran Tsarukyan readily responded to our request and visited Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Ruben was very excited and promised his beloved singer to recover by the next meeting.
We are grateful to Mihran Tsarukyan for his readiness to cheer our kids up. Positive emotions from this meeting will surely help Ruben and our other kids to recover faster.


Please meet Hrant – 6 years old. He is from Yerevan, and has a younger brother.
He loves cars very much. He is very proud of having the largest and the most diverse collection of cars.
In October, 2018 Hrant was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Now he is getting his treatment at Hematology Center․
Hrant, despite his young age, prefers to listen to classical music and loves to sleep under the symphonic music.
He is a wonderful painter. His talent was revealed when after waking up from coma he asked his mother for a paper and pencil and drew one of the well known paintings of Picasso.
He dreams of becoming a good doctor, just like his doctor Lala Vagharshakyan.
Hrant has also another big wish – to meet with Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan and to have a photo with him.


Today was a great day! We could make one more kid’s dream a reality. If you remember when we introduced Hrant, we told that one of his dreams was to meet the mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan. Today our Hrant, his brother David and their mom were hosted at the City Hall. There were many surprises waiting for them there- they met the mayor, got a chance to sit on his chair and even signed a document. At the end of the meeting our Hrant amd Mr. Marutyan exchanged gifts. After the high level meeting the boys got a tour of the city hall and the museum. Who knows maybe one day, one of these boys will become the mayor of Yerevan. DREAM ON KIDS!

We would like to say special thanks to Mr Marutyan and entire staff of the City Hall for making Hrant’s dream come true and for making this a great day for both Hrant and David


Please meet Arcrun- 18 years old. He is from Spitak, has two brothers, elder and younger.
Arcrun was practicing karate for many years and has great achievements and awards. However since January, 2016 his life has changed drastically. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leucosis. In the beginning he was scared and lost, but then he gathered all his strength and decided not to give up. As a result of that he is now almost recovered. He is still in process of treatment at Hematology Center.


His greatest wish is that all the children of the world are happy and healthy.
He also has another dream, which you CAN help come true. Arcrun dreams to become a professional hairdresser. For that he needs to attend hairdresser classes, and get some hairdressing accessories.


Please meet Tamara – 10 years old, from Yerevan. Tamara has 2 brothers.
She is this absolutely sweet and cute girl with great strength. Tamara has already once defeated this sickness.
However in January, 2019, she was diagnosed again with acute lymphoblastic leucosis. Now she is getting her treatment at Hematology Center named after Yeolyan. Inspite of that Tamara is not getting discouraged and is ready to fight back again and win.
She has this special ? notebook, where she writes down all her dreams and wishes, which she will make true after her recovery.
Tamara dreams to learn to paint/draw.
She also really wants to visit Citizen entertaining center and Exotarium to see the famous big turtle there.


P.S. We are so excited to say that our Tamara’s dreams are also coming true. She has already started taking drawing classes on February 10. While she is in hospital, the teacher will be visiting her there and they will have classes! As for Tamara’s visits to Cityzen and Exotarium, those visits are also arranged. Once our sweet girl is back home from the hospital and is ready for some fun, those visits will be arranged! We are very grateful to all big-hearted people who immediately stepped in an offered their help to make Tamara’s dreams come true.


Please meet Arkady – 11 years old.
He is from Hrazdan, has two brothers, elder and younger. He is in 6th grade and is a very good student. Arkady is a multitalented kid. He draws, sings and plays several musical instruments – guitar, drum, piano. He has participated in a number of concerts and cultural festivals (The Artmusic, The Renaissance). Besides, Arkady likes to play chess with his grandmother, who is a chess champion by the way. In December, 2018 Arkady was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Now he is getting his treatment at Hematological Center named after Yeolyan. His life has changed completely after this diagnosis. Even though he is very young, but perception of values has really changed for him. He is such a brave kid, that he is not shying away to say that, he is afraid…..of how is disease will progress. But Arkady also believes that people’s love and warmth will help him go through this hard times and WIN. His biggest dream is to recover soon and go back to his normal life. Arkady also has a wish to meet composer Edgar Gyanjumyan and tp perform a duet with him.


P. S. On January 26 was Arkady’s birthday. He has turned 12.
Edgar Gyanjumyan came to congratulate him. We are so grateful that we could bring him some joy by making one of his dreams come true today. Edgar also brought gifts for Arkady – easel and painting supplies.
We truly believe that this meeting and all the positive emotions that came with it will have a huge impact on Arkady’s further treatment process.
During our meeting it was also agreed, that once Arkady is healthy and out of hospital they will record a song together with Edgar Gyanjumyan.

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