• Sati Spivakova
  • Nicole Zibdea “Restoring hope in humanity, one child at a time.”
  • Nazik Ghukasyan "It takes courage to be kind" Maya Angelou
  • Anna Avanesyan (TV Host, Journalist, Yerevan, Armenia)
  • Salpi Avedissian Garavaryan (USA, California) ‘’While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about’’
  • Tatev Manukyan Engel (Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia in Luxembourg) “Assuming the role of Goodwill Ambassador of “City of Smile” ChF is first of all a “spiritual mission”, then a practical one. In the spiritual sense, reaching out to help the needy is first and foremost a way of self-purification, which is directly related to improving the other person’s life. I am honored to invest all my abilities and energy as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia in Luxembourg, as an Armenian and as a cosmopolitan, to support and be a part of the invaluable activities of “City of Smile” ChF.”
  • Sibil (Istanbul-based Armenian Singer) “As the great Russian writer Dostoevsky said, it is impossible to love humanity without children. Children are the creators of our yesterday, today, tomorrow. The most precious feeling in the world is to give children a smile and return their lost childhood to them. It is a great honor for me to become one of the Goodwill Ambassadors of City of Smile Charitable Foundation. Together we will be able to save lives. Join us, big and small, to bring health to our children, so that they grow up, get a good education and one day they can do good deeds, too”.
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