Today’s hero is 8-year-old Alex from Vanadzor.
Alex is a big fan of sports․ He especially enjoys watching wrestling and football. His favorite team is the royal club – Real Madrid, and his favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
His other hobby is dancing, he likes all dance styles, but especially breakdance. He is also a master of transformation and tries on different looks during the day.
Alex feels nostalgic when thinking about his participation in the “Mr & Mrs” festival, where he won the first prize, being recognized as Mr. Vanadzor. You can see an excerpt from his participation in the video posted in the comments.
Our brave boy likes to watch movies about superheroes (for example, Spider-Man)․ At the same time, we are confident that the real superhero is Alex himself and our other kids.
Alex is quite good at calculating money and has decided to become a bank manager. Once he earns enough money, his number one goal will be to support orphanages and facilities for the elderly people.
Alex dreams of having a car-shaped bed.


It is so very touching to witness the willingness of children who fought cancer to support those who are currently going through that journey.
Our former beneficiary Levon decided to make our Alex’s dream of having a car-bed come true. We are very grateful to Levon and his family for that.
Sweet dreams to you, our strong Alex!

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