Please meet our 13-year-old Anahit from Syunik region.
Anahit is obsessed with music․ She can listen to music for hours and not get bored. She especially likes foreign performers, in particular Billie Eilish (thanks to Anahit we found out that this performer’s hair is no longer bright green), but sometimes she can also listen to Armenian songs, for example, performed by Tatul (yes, we are also surprised by the diversity of Anahit’s musical taste).
Our beauty is also a fan of movies and TV series, and recently she was especially impressed while watching the Korean “Squid Game”. To our question whether she did not feel bad while watching all the bloody scenes, she answered that during the treatment she got used to the appearance of blood so much that no longer feels bad about it.
Treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center played a very important role in Anahit’s life. In addition to battling the disease together with doctors, she’s also met her future best friend, Anna, with whom she is inseparable both in and out of the hospital. Anahit sometimes philosophically thinks that maybe it is even good that she was diagnosed with cancer, because otherwise she would not have met Anna and her other friends – Meline, Armen․․․
Anahit has two older brothers, with whom she is very close. Although her brothers are sometimes strict with her, she is confident that the strictness comes from love and care.
As for the future profession, our strong girl hesitates between two options: oncosurgeon or software developer (we are confident that whichever option she picks, she will achieve great success).
Anahit will be very happy to receive a collection of silver jewelry (made in the style of Cartier brand) as a gift.


We are very happy when the posts about our children’s dreams are responded very quickly.
The same thing happened in the case of our Anahit’s dream, and the respondent was her namesake Anahit Sargsyan. Our Anahit received the silver jewelry she wanted, and we all sincerely wish her many happy occasions to wear it.
We are very grateful to kindhearted Anahit for making our beauty’s dream come true

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