Our  3-year-old Angelina is from the town of Artik, Shirak region.
Our sweetheart is very active and friendly. She loves to spend time in the park – running, jumping…
Our beauty’s eyes are sparkling whenever she thinks of winter, her favorite season. She begins telling how she lies down in the snow, plays snowballs, and makes a snowman with her friends and her 1.5-year-old brother.
Angelina dreams of becoming a doctor and treating children and has even taken the “first steps” by getting medical toys.
As for the fairy tales, Angelina’s favorites are the ones made up by her mother, because there she is always the main character. She even creates titles for fairy tales to remind her mom which one to tell her.
At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Angelina’s favorite place is the playroom, for which she created a new name: “khaghapartez” (“Khagh”-play, “partez”-garden). It takes a long time for her mom to prepare our girl for another visit to the hospital. Sometimes Angelina gets really anxious while going through the lab tests… and calms down only when she is reminded that princesses are not only beautiful but also smart and strong.
Our sweet girl dreams of having a big car in her favorite color pink, in which she can sit and drive together with her brother.

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