Please meet our Ani, a 15-year-old girl from Yerevan.
She has lots of interest and hobbies. In school our tenth-grade student, among all the subjects, enjoys history class the most. She also loves reading detective stories, especially novels written by Agatha Christie.
Along with all the hobbies and interests, Ani has already decided on her future profession. Surprisingly, she wants to become a florist-designer. Ani is a sensitive and artistic person, and she was really excited to present her first floral creation to her mother, which made her mom very emotional.
Ani shows remarkable maturity going through her treatment journey, she even encourages her family members to maintain a positive outlook and not to cry.
Music holds a special place in Ani’s heart. Even when she is undergoing treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, she sometimes fills the hospital room with lively tunes to cheer up those around her.
Ani’s sociable yet modest nature endears her especially to younger children, who find her a favorite companion.
Looking ahead, Ani envisions a vibrant future.
Ani really wants to have a big loudspeaker. Once she’s done with her treatment and back home, she wants to set it up her room and play her favorite music.


Thanks to Foundation’s old friend Anna Danielyan-Jambazian, our Ani already has the loudspeaker of her dreams. We are extremely grateful for making our beauty’s dream come true!

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