Our today’s hero is 5-year-old Aren from the city of Goris.
He is the youngest brother of a 14-year-old brother and a 12-year-old sister.
Most of all, he likes to watch cartoons. Aren gets really excited while following the adventures of Masha and the Bear, as well as Tom and Jerry, adoring and sympathizing with the Bear and Tom, respectively.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, his musical talent:) was also discovered and now he often plays the piano in the Center’s playroom. He likes the playroom in general, especially playing memory games with teacher Ani.
Aren has made up his mind: he’s going to become a policeman and protect us all from “nasty” people.
As you’ve understood, our Aren is a very brave boy and is not afraid of anyone or anything. As another proof of his courage, he points out that he does not cry even during injections or taking blood tests.

Our sweet boy dreams of having a car-bed.


Let’s start the working week by thanking all the kind-hearted people who continue to make our children’s dreams come true.
Thanks to Anushik Mkheyan, our Aren’s dream of having a new bed came true. We are confident that our strong boy will have sweet and bright dreams in this comfortable bed.
We are very grateful to Anushik for bringing our Aren a biiig smile!

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