Today our hero is 10-year-old Ellen from Armavir region.
Ellen’s hobby is painting․ In her paintings she depicts both nature and people. At a very young age, she expressed a desire to become a designer, describing her future profession as a process of “turning a picture into a clothing.”
Ellen has older sisters and a younger brother․ The sisters are her favorite advisers, and she likes to play house and with cars with her naughty brother.
Our Ellen with the most contagious laugh is not very picky about the food, and her favorite dishes are pizza and ice cream.
Our sweetheart loves the “Frozen” cartoon and both the cartoon and dolls of the Barbie series.
Ellen dreams of traveling a lot and first of all visiting Rostov city (Russia) and Germany․ They have many relatives in both countries, whom our girl misses very much.
She loves her native village of Jrarat very much, but in the future she has decided to get a job, save money and buy a house in Yerevan, too, because she is very tired of travelling. (We hope that the reason for Ellen’s coming to Yerevan soon will not be to receive treatment, but to visit her favorite places of entertainment).
Our strong girl will be very happy to receive a big bicycle and a wooden easel as a gift.


Our sweet Elen’s dream was also realized by a group of kind-hearted friends. Elen received a bicycle and an easel. We are sure that soon we will admire the masterpieces created by her.
We are very grateful to all the caring people involved in this initiative for bringing our Elen many happy moments.

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