It’s Wednesday and today our hero is 5-year-old Eric. Eric was born in the Russian Federation, but due to a diagnosis and ongoing treatment for a medical condition, he currently resides in the Kotayk region with his parents.
Eric’s passion lies in his love for various types of vehicles. He is very enthusiastic about playing with his favorite cars for hours and loves talking and sharing information about different models of cars.
Eric’s sociable and friendly nature is evident, and he eagerly anticipates reuniting with his friends at kindergarten. He very much looks forward to giving gifts to everyone there upon his return.
While undergoing his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders of Armenia, Eric refuses to be separated from his mother even for a minute, however he has graciously agreed to stay without her for a few days so that she can bring home his eagerly anticipated  little sister into the family.
While getting his treatment, Erik often asks about the exact date of his recovery and eagerly anticipates returning to their house in the Russian Federation. Left behind are his beloved toy cars, and he can’t wait to play with them once he regains his health.
Eric really wishes to have a big, black Mercedes-Benz G-class car. In his imagination, this car plays a pivotal role in bringing his newborn sister home from the hospital once he successfully recovers.


Fasten your seatbelts, the car is ready to hit the road! Thanks to our caring friend Kara Injighulyan, our Erik can now ride his dream car. Thank you for always being there for the kids fighting cancer!

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