Meet our 10-year-old Hayk from Vayots Dzor province. Hayk is a young artist who finds joy in drawing. He particularly focuses on sketching churches and adorning his room with his favorite creations. Nature also holds a special place in his heart, often serving as the inspiration for his artwork.

At first glance, Hayk may appear reserved, but this impression quickly changes when he’s in the company of his close friends. Hayk shares a deep bond with his friends, especially with Inga, Armen, and Alex, whom he met during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia. And now he can’t even imagine his days at home without talking to them over the phone.

Despite the challenges of his treatment, Hayk faces it with remarkable composure. He’s well-informed about the stage of his treatment and provides comfort to his worried mother by reassuring her that this difficult period will soon come to an end.

Hayk places immense trust and affection in his medical team, particularly Dr. Grigor Vardanyan. Even when complications from treatment diminish his appetite, a conversation with his beloved doctor, Grigor Vardanyan, motivates him to eat, hastening his recovery.

Hayk dreams of owning a light blue bike with a 26-inch frame. He plans using this bike to explore the outdoors and find inspiration in the beauty of nature.


Thanks to our friends, who wished to remain anonymous, our Hayk already has the bike of his dreams.
We are very thankful to our caring donors, for always being by our children’s side.

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