Our today’s hero is 10-year-old Kristine from Oshakan village of Aragatsotn region.
Our beauty’s hobby is watching movies. Her favorite ones are those of adventure and historical genres.
Unlike most girls her age, Kristine does not like the pink color, playing with dolls and other things that are traditionally considered “girly”.
Instead, she is very passionate about cars and can play with these toys for hours – organize competitions, win cups …
Kristine loves to sing and dance. She has decided to grow up a bit more and become a singer and/or a dancer. Till then she trains her vocal cords:) and gains experience with small evening performances at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
One of Kristine’s hobbies is riding a bike, but hers has already become too small for her and she dreams of having a new, bigger (N26) one.


This summer, Christine will be able to go on bike rides, too, thanks to angel Ani and her mom Lusine.
We are very grateful to them for making our Christine’s dream come true.

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