Our hero for this Wednesday is 6-year-old Levon from the city of Meghri, Syunik region.

Levon’s birthday was just a few days ago․ It coincided with the day of receiving another round of chemo. Because our boy has other, bigger plans for that day and would be sad to learn that they can’t be fulfilled at that moment, the family decided to tell him later that he is no longer 5 years old.

Our strong boy is a big fan of cars and various things that work with difficult mechanisms. He really enjoys studying the details of cars, especially the ones of big trucks.

Our Levon feels the biggest joy whenever he sees colorful decorations and bright colors. Thus, his happiness was boundless when the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center also got a festive look.

Levon is very close to his little brother: they play, as well as dance and sing together. While singing, various objects such as remote control, comb, their mother’s makeup accessories serve as appropriate “professional” accessories.

Although Levon is very brave about the treatment process, still, every time on their way to the hospital he optimistically asks his mother, “Mom, this is the last time we’re coming to the hospital, isn’t it?”…

Levon will be very happy to get a big set of real Hot Wheels!


Our brave Levon can already organize a big race of his new Hot Wheels cars!
We are grateful to Anahit Sargsyan, a very dear friend of the City of Smile Foundation, and her family, for making our Levon’s wish come true and for always being by our children’s side.

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