Introducing Lianna, our delightful 14-year-old from the Armavir region.
Lianna stands out as one of the most vibrant personalities at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of ArmeniaShe is passionate for dancing, she has endless energy and exceptional communication skills. She never loses her optimism, evident even decorates the dropper stand every time every time she is getting the medication.
During the initial phases of her treatment, Lianna was very upset about shaving her long, beautiful hair. However, Lianna didn’t let her mom when she wanted to shave her head in support of her fighting daughter. Later on Lianna she started realizing how beautiful she is and now she doesn’t even remember what she looked like with long hair. She’s happy and confident with herself.
Now, Lianna frequently talks to girls her age who are undergoing treatment at the Center. She always encourages them, telling them that this is just a stage in their lives that they will soon overcome, and that there is no need to be sad about losing hair. She even says that she can’t wait for summer so that she can walk around without a bandana or hat, proudly showing that beauty shines from within, with or without hair.
Our Lianna dreams of becoming a model, and even during this treatment phase, she enjoys receiving compliments about her beauty. One of her dreams is to collaborate with a clothing brand, to have a photoshoot for that brand in order to once again prove to everyone that cancer is not contagious, love is.

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