This Wednesday we will tell you about our 1.6-year-old Lily from the town of Berd of Tavush region.
Lily is the youngest member of the family, and together with their parents her sister and brother, who are 17 and 14 years older than her, also take care of their little princess.
Lily is a very joyful child and loves to sing and dance to the sounds of almost all musical genres.
Our beauty also loves to play with dolls and cars, but there is one condition – her toys should be as big as possible.
Lily was not even 1 year old when she was diagnosed with cancer and began her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. This baby girl has great strength in her small body and bravely goes through all the ups and downs of the treatment process. However, she badly misses home and starts crying when leaving the house and seeing the hospital in the distance…
Lily will be very happy to receive a big red or pink car in which she can sit and drive.


All traffic lights show green when our beautiful Lily is driving.
We are profoundly grateful to the Foundation’s dear friend who wished to remain anonymous for making our sweetheart’s dream come true and bringing her these unforgettable emotions.

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