Please meet our 2-years-old Magdalina from Yerevan. Magdalina possesses a remarkable sense of tranquility that beautifully mirrors her journey through treatment. Initially, after receiving her diagnosis, Magdalina was hesitant about undergoing medical procedures and even reluctant to enter the hospital. However, as time passed and she grew more certain that she was in safe hands at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia, she now readily cooperates during lab tests and interventions.
Her ability to undergo these medical procedures without shedding tears is a testament to her strength. At home, Magdalina enjoys spending time with her four-year-old sister, and what’s truly remarkable is that they hardly ever argue.
Magdalina’s true passion lies in water. She adores swimming and can happily spend hours in the water without growing bored. Additionally, she has a love for drawing and solving puzzles.
A significant moment in her life was when she spotted a magnificent giant red car in the hospital’s corridor, a gift for another child. Since that moment, she set her heart on having a similar car, but in her favorite color, pink.


Thanks to our lovely friend Mrs. Injighulyan, you may meet our Magdalina with her wide smile and her huge, pink car. Thank you for always standing by our kid’s side.

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