Today, our hero is 3-year-old Mari from the village of Nor Kesaria, Armavir region.

Mari is very soft-tempered, loves quiet games and doesn’t like loud noises and noisy places.

She is also very caring when it comes to her family members. She always urges her father to drive more slowly and tells him when the color of the traffic light changes.

Besides, she always asks her sister and brother what grade they’ve got in school that day and whether they’ve behaved or not.
On her way to the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, she gets really anxious thinking about all the medical interventions ahead, but at the same time she keeps reminding herself that she is going to eat delicious food later, so she should (and must) be strong.

Little Mari likes to go to church with her family, and she calls the church… Armenia. You can often hear her asking her mother: “Let’s go to Armenia…to light a candle”. And she always begins all her prayers with the following words: “Dear God, I love you so much”…

Mari’s father is a beekeeper, and homemade honey is an important part of their diet. Her favorite color is yellow, the color of the bee, as she says.
Our sweetheart dreams of having a yellow (or pink) car in which she can sit and drive.


Even being physically far away can’t stop kind-hearted people from fulfilling our children’s wishes. We are very grateful to Lilit Andalyan for making our Marie’s dream come true and gifting her this stylish car.

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