This time our hero is 3-year-old Maria from Stepanakert, Artsakh. Everyone at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center know her well, because of her active character and loud voice. At the beginning of the treatment, Maria used to meet the doctors shouting loudly but she’s a big girl now – she understands everything and doesn’t cry anymore. For that Maria’s mother “rewards” her by taking her to the the playroom of the Center. It is the favorite place of all our children, including our Maria.
Maria likes to be photographed, and from her 13 and 16 years old elder sisters, she learns to “work with the camera”: to smile, to show hand gestures like everything is good, or sending love vibes.
Maria’s mom says, that every time they pass by the symbolic tree with the photos of our children, who have finished their treatment, Maria asks why her picture is not attached there.
Maria misses her father and her soldier brother, who are in blockaded Artsakh, the most. She clearly remembers her native Stepanakert, their home…
Our Maria dreams of having a big and pink car, in which she can sit and drive home.


It’s impossible to miss our beautiful Maria especially when she’s driving her new red car at the Hematology Center after Prof. R. Yeolyan.
Romik Arshakyan, one of our beneficiaries who overcame cancer, has had an essential role in making Maria’s dream come true. When speaking with TikToker Taron Sargsyan, our brave Romik mentioned that his only dream right now is to fulfill a dream of a kid with cancer.
Dear Romik and Taron, thank you very much for our Maria’s shining eyes.

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