Today we will tell you about our 5-year-old beauty Maria from Kotayk region.

Our Maria is very communicative, as recently she had a long conversation with our foreign guests, despite the fact that she knows only 3 words in English: hi, bye and pink.

Our beauty is very active, but not naughty. Maria plays many games with her friends in their yard. At home, our girl becomes a professional doctor, trying to ‘’cure’’ her elder sister and dolls.

She loves and trusts her beloved doctor, Maneh Gizhlaryan , and does everything as she says. Maria is even ready not to eat chocolate if doctor Mane tells her about it.

Our future surgeon Maria is very demanding. She insists that the purpose of all interventions should be explained to her. She also doesn’t take pills until she knows their name.

Our fearless and strong girl goes alone to the most complicated medical procedures․ She insists that her mother not accompany her. She has even “reserved” a spot on the iconic tree at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia, to attach her photo after the treatment.

Our Maria wants to have a big, pink or violet bike, which she can ride in the yard with her friends.


Finally, our resilient Maria has triumphed over the adverse effects of her treatment process and is now riding her bike with joy and happiness.
This milestone fills our hearts with immense gratitude and joy.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dear friend Anahit Sargsyan and friends who have been by Maria’s side, contributing to the sparkle in her eyes and giving her so much love and warmth.

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