Today we will tell you about our sweet 8-year-old Meline․ Despite her young age, she has excellent communication skills. Meline is from the village of Metsavan, Lori region. She’s a third-grader. She enjoys drawing and is confident in her career choice: she will become a doctor and return to “her hospital” in a white coat “to cure kids like herself”, as she says.
 When our lovely girl first arrived at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, she was very upset and constantly yearned to return home. As for now, when at home, Meline keeps asking her mom when they will return to the Center again.
Meline has friends in the Center already. She generally plays with older girls. When a new kid comes to the hospital and starts to cry in Meline’s presence due to this or that medical intervention, Meline goes over to the child, shares her own similar experience and comforts the child, asking him/ her not to cry, assuring that everything will be okay.
Our Meline enjoys assisting her grandma in the kitchen and cooks delicious meals herself.
Our sweetheart keeps up with the Armenian show-business industry and enjoys watching shows featuring Armenian celebrities. Meline would be delighted to meet Ara and Alik Avetisyan brothers.


We are very grateful to Ara and Alik Avetisyan brothers for our Meline’s shining eyes. Being in Armenia only for one day, Avetisyan brothers managed to find time for our beauty right before their flight.
Cancer is not contagious, love is!

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