Today our hero is brave 3-years-old Narek from Artsakh.
Narek might appear serious at first, but once he forms a connection, he’s the most affectionate and caring little boy you’ll meet. His friendship with his doctor, Anna A. Avagyan, has began since his early days at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia. Now, whenever he catches sight of her, he excitedly runs over to give her a warm hug.
While at the hospital, Narek very much misses his father. Even in his sleep, he calls out his name with a smile. Also he is extremely caring and loving towards his 5-month-old little brother.
Narek loves to play with all kinds of vehicles. He used to have a collection of toy cars in Artsakh, and now he regularly asks if they can bring his toys from there.
In Artsakh, Narek had a big, black car where he would spend his entire day, even enjoying meals inside it. Now, he dreams of having his car “brought from Artsakh” so he can spend his days driving it around here.

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