This Wednesday, our hero is 12-year-old Narine from Shirak.
Our sweetheart’s biggest hobby is painting: she depicts nature, animals, people. Narine also enjoys reading․ She especially loves fiction books, and her favorite author is William Saroyan.
Narine has not yet clearly decided on her future profession: she will become either a pediatrician or an artist. Our girl, with the soul of an artist, gives freedom to her imagination while playing with her dolls, sewing clothes for them for different “occasions”.
Since the field of medicine is also considered for the future, during her treatment our Narine also studies it as much as possible. Thus, she is aware of the possible complications of the treatment. She knows all the possible complications a drug can cause, “․․․ I will have nausea from this ․․․ and from this, my indicators will go down a little․․․ “, she says.
Narine dreams of having a big desk (preferably with a shelf so that all her books are always near at hand).


We are very grateful to the Foundation’s dear friends, who wished to remain anonymous, for making our Narine’s dream come true.
We wish our beauty new success in education. We are confident that the new desk will motivate her to acquire new knowledge more eagerly.

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