Don’t you know our Nika yet? Let’s get acquainted.
Our 2-year-old sweetheart is from Hadrut, Artsakh․ Now she misses her family living in Stepanakert very much and is looking forward to meeting everyone, especially her sisters.
Nika loves the hospital and the doctors so much that at the beginning of the treatment, she even thought that the hospital was their home. She even asked her mom when they were going to be back to  “home” (hospital). Nika misses everyone at the hospital, even Robin the robot.
Our Nika loves medicine very much. No matter how many medical toys her mom would buy, Nika is not pleased, as “they are not real”. One of her newest hobbies is watching medical videos instead of cartoons. Our fearless girl undergoes medical procedures without crying, she is even curious and excited about them.
Nika has a “tradition”: every time she comes to the hospital, she stands near the symbolic tree looking for her photo on it. (We all look forward to when she will also finish the treatment and attach the “fruit” with her photo to the tree.)
Our Nika used to have a big, pink car, which is now in blockaded Artsakh…
 In two weeks, on June 15, it’s our Nika’s birthday, and she dreams of having a big, pink car as a birthday present, already in Yerevan.


It’s our Nika’s birthday!
On the occasion of the day, our beauty’s dream came true thanks to “Kiddos 4 kiddos” initiative by Synopsys Armenia, and Anahit Sargsyan, a friend of the Foundation.
In the framework of the initiative dedicated to the International Children’s Day, company’s employees’ children sold their hand- made crafts during a special fair and directed proceeds to making our children’s dreams come true.
We are extremely grateful to our dear friends for turning our Nikas’ day into a celebration.

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