Please meet our 6-year-old Nona from Katnaghbyur village of Aragatsotn region.
Our Nona is looking forward to going to school. Whenever she’s feeling well enough, she gets ready for the first grade։ writes down letters and numbers, solves puzzles. She has definitely decided to study very well (we do not doubt it at all).
Our beauty loves fairy tales very much. They have a special ceremony with her mother before going to bed: mom always reads / tells a fairy tale to her. Nona’s favorite one is the Little Red Riding Hood. While listening to it, even knowing the ending very well, she still worries about the Little Red Riding Hood and anxiously follows her adventures.
Nona is not very picky about food․ Like almost everyone else, she loves pork barbecue, dolma, exclusively made by her mom, and “tabab” (kebab). After the diagnosis was confirmed, the whole family reconsidered the menu, and now, at the urging of doctors, they avoid junk food, such as carbonated drinks, chips, etc.
The most beloved people in the world for Nona are her sister Nare and brother “Dado” (Gago, Gagik) ․ She misses them the most while receiving inpatient treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Our sweet Nona dreams of having a pink bicycle and a big doll.


Thanks to the friends of City of Smile Foundation, our Nona’s dreams also came true.
A kind person who wished to remain anonymous gave her a big doll, and Ani Hambardzumyan, who lives in London, immediately responded to our request to gift Nona a bicycle.
To the delight of all of us, Nona recently finished her main treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. We hope that during these summer days our sweetheart will manage to ride her bike and play house as much as her heart wishes.
A huge thanks to everyone involved!

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