Today, we would like to introduce you to Noy, a charming 3-year-old from Yerevan. When people speak of him, one common theme that comes up is that regardless of how sad he may be, Noy always radiates love and affection to everyone around him. This cute quality has earned him the nickname “Love Spreader” from his mother, which she often uses instead of his given name.
Even as Noy undergoes treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, his resilience and positivity remain unwavering. Each time he arrives at the center, his arrival is met with joy, as he warmly greets everyone in sight. And especially, when he sees his doctor, Julieta Hoveyan, he embraces her tightly, making sure she can’t let go to other patients.
The only thing Noy truly misses during this challenging time is his family – his father, elder sister, and brother.
Noy is fascinated with dinosaurs and  automobiles, cherishing anything equipped with wheels, even if it’s a girls’ school bag with wheels. He particularly loves the renowned animated character McQueen, and he dreams of one day owning a grand, red car like that. As he envisions completing his treatment, he imagines the joy of driving that cherished vehicle home to his beloved family.


A vibrant red car, reminiscent of his favorite cartoon character, finally brought a smile to our little Noy, spreading joy not only to his family but also to our medical staff.
We extend heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Injighulyan, our caring friend based in the US, for bringing a sparkle to Noy’s eyes.

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