Our hero this week is 3-year-old Robert from Yerevan.
Robert is a very active and cheerful boy. He is very close to his sisters, especially Nare, who is almost the same age as him, and he looks forward to the moment when Nare comes home from the kindergarten, so that they can play together.
Rob loves the wooden house installed in the yard of the Hematology Center by the City of Smile Foundation and our friends, and every time he comes to the hospital, he always plays in the yard around the house.
In the beginning of the treatment, Robert would get very upset when injections and other medical interventions were needed. Now he approaches these processes more philosophically. He gets excited when nurse Lusine gives him smiley stickers in return for his brave behavior, he urges himself to “sit quiet so that the catheter needle doesn’t suddenly come out of his hand”, and he realizes that “it hurts now so that it doesn’t hurt later”…

Our strong boy dreams of having a big black car in which he can sit and drive.


Our Robert’s dream of having a big car came true thanks to Khachatur living abroad. We are profoundly grateful to Khachatur for caring and for the shining eyes of our strong Robert. Spring car rides are ahead!

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