Today our hero is 10-year-old Sofya from Gegharkunik region. Sofya used to live with her family in Russia, Vladikavkaz, until she fell ill. Promptly, her parents decided that Sofya should undergo all her medical tests in her home country, and returned to Armenia on the very same day.

Nowadays Sofya speaks and understands Armenian very well, as opposed to the first days of moving back. Our girls՛ favorite activities are dancing and drawing, and especially she loves drawing nature.

Sofya approaches her treatment journey with remarkable composure. When faced with the necessity of medical procedures or medication, she promptly consents, stating, “If it’s necessary, then I’m prepared to do it.”

As recounted by her mother, Sofya’s serenity has a soothing influence on the entire family. Even the decision to cut her cherished long hair was taken very calmly by Sofya. Despite the fact that she greatly enjoyed her long hair, she willingly agreed to have it cut when told that it was needed for the period of treatment.

Our beautiful Sofya dreams of having a lavender-colored, light purple bicycle. After completing the treatment, she envisions riding her bike in the nature.


Our little painter Sofya’s walks are not the same anymore. Now she may catch some images riding her new bike in the nature.
We express our sincere gratitude to Roza Nikolyan for making our beauty’s dream come true and her eyes shine.

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