Meet our 13-year-old Sokrat from Gegharkunik region. From first sight, our Sokrat is very serious and taciturn, but he is actually very sociable and kind.
Our music-lover boy learns to play a piano, but now his lessons are interrupted because of the treatment course he gets at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia. They say our Sokrat also loves singing and knows Armenian folk dances, but he prefers not to speak about that.
Our Sokrat- the elder brother of two sisters, also loves the world of the numbers- maths, and attends robotics classes. He says he’s going to become a programmer- musician.
Our smart boy takes the treatment process in a very calm way. He trusts his doctor- Anna Avagyan, and he won’t eat even the simplest food without getting Anna’s permission․
Our Sokrat dreams of going to sea, but as it’s contraindicated during the treatment process, he wants to have a big, black bike (26 inch). After finishing the treatment, he envisions riding it with his friends in their village.


We’ve finally seen our humble and serious Sokrat’s smile, when he saw his big bike in his favorite colors.
We are very thankful to our friend Anahit and friends for being the reason of the smile on our Sokrat’s face.

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