Please meet our 13-year-old Sona from the village of Bazum, Lori region.
Our sweetheart’s passion is reading: she can dive into the world of books and read non-stop for several days. Of all the books she has read recently, she was impressed by Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” the most.
Sona is also very fond of painting, and her source of inspiration is both nature and… the internet.
She is very close to her elder sister and younger brother. Her sister is also her best friend, and despite being totally different, they complement perfectly and are irreplaceable for each other.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Sona misses her family the most… Also, during this period, she gets a bit upset about the diet peculiarities, when, for example, she is not allowed to eat her favorite (and not so useful) chips, but is encouraged to eat her not so favorite meat.
Our Sona dreams of having a bicycle (For guidance on the bike size – Sona’s height is 158 cm).


Thanks to kind-hearted people, our children’s dreams continue to come true…
We are very grateful to Narine Chopuryan and her family for fulfilling our beautiful Sona’s wish and gifting her a bike!

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