Let me introduce you to Tamara, a 10-year-old girl from Etchmiadzin, Armavir region. Our girl is very quiet and reserved individual who prefers not to talk much. This very quality draws special attention from her family members, who cherish her deeply among their 5 children. A heartwarming example of this is when her 15-year-old brother earned some money, among all the sisters, he bought a new phone specifically for Tamara.

Tamara demonstrates remarkable resilience during her treatment process, approaching it with quiet patience. Even when facing tests and medical procedures that could be uncomfortable, she endures them without anesthesia and places great trust in her doctors. She refrains from asking questions or interrupting their work.

However, while staying at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia, our sweetheart misses all the members of her big family. Particularly, she misses her niece, Sati, dearly. She keeps Sati’s photo as her phone’s wallpaper, so that she can see her image all the time and maybe not miss her that much.

In her pink-themed room, Tamara dreams of having a big, pink bed that would bring her comfort and sweet dreams.


Thanks to our friend, who wished to remain anonymous, our Tamara will see sweet dreams in her new and comfortable bed.
Thanks for always being by our children’s side.

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