Today we will tell you about our 9-year-old Tatev from Makenis village of Gegharkunik region.
Almost all hobbies of our talented girl are related to arts and crafts: she likes to draw (especially churches), to knit (she has already made a hair band and a winter scarf for herself), and to embroider.
Tatev also likes listening to Armenian folk songs and dancing to their sounds.
She is very close to her two younger brothers and they can play together for hours. But, as we know, sometimes some disagreements arise between siblings. And despite all that, they still remain best friends and share with each other all the toys and supplies they have, as well as the most important secrets.
Tatev is very understanding of her treatment process at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. She likes everything about the center, she likes all the doctors and medical workers very much, she also greatly appreciates the joint efforts of all of us aimed at restoring her health, noting: “I am a big girl now. I understand that no matter how unpleasant some procedures are, they are being done for me, for my health”…
Our tender but at the same time, very strong Tatev dreams of having a big pink bed.


he sweet pink dreams of our beautiful Tatev are definitely secured in this new bed.
We are very grateful to Gayane Shakhatuni for making our sweetheart’s dream come true and bringing her this cute smile.

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