Meet our 10-year-old Tigran from the village of Teghut in the Lori region.
Tigran has an immense passion for playing chess and often greets people with a question: “Do you know how to play chess?”.
This remarkable young boy is a triple champion of the Lori region (by the way, his first championship he earned at the age of 5). Currently Tigran holds a 2nd class ranking in chess․
When Tigran’s family lived in the Russian Federation, it was decided that Tigran would attend chess classes there. During his first session, the instructor initiated a test game to assess Tigran’s skills. Impressively, our smart boy won the game from the very first match.
Now, while at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, Tigran likes to first review his test results. He compares them with the norms and subsequently approaches his doctor, Lusine Hakobyan, with persuasive inquiries about the possibility of going  home. Tigran’s greatest wish is to go back home, which explains why he constantly asks for updates from his doctors regarding the remaining duration of his treatment.
One of Tigrans’s dream is to have a big, black or red bicycle. With a basket attached to the bike, he envisions comfortably carrying his school bag while commuting to school in the upcoming academic year.


It’s already clear what our chess player Tigran will do when returning to his village, Teghut after finishing his treatment. Certainly, he will ride his new bike.
We are extremely grateful to our friend, who wished to remain anonymous, for making our Tigrans wish come true.

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