Third Quarter Report

October 16, 2023

City of Smile is proud to present the report of the third quarter of the 2023.

During the months of July-September, the Foundation supported more than 105 beneficiaries by providing 2471 packs of medication and medical equipment, 44 packs of platelet concentrate, as well as covered expenses of 288 lab tests.

Throughout the entire year, and continuing through these months, the City of Smile has been offering comprehensive support, including four times a day meals and psychological assistance, to all the patients receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia.

Our Foundation has been also providing full support and care to the 5 patients in the Pediatric Palliative Care unit.

Below, we have outlined the complete inventory of medications and medical equipment provided by the City of Smile Foundation: Meropenem- 560                               

Cefepime- 720                               

Bleomycin- 57                

Nivolumab- 18                              

Voriconazole tablet- 15                           

Filgrastim- 55                 

Doxorubicin- 77                            

Ondansetron- 75                         

Vincristine- 8                  

Human albumin- 8                     

Pegaspargase- 26                        

Eltrombopag- 15                          

MabThera- 2                   

Zoladex- 14                     

Xgeva- 5                             

Emend- 12                       

Plerixafor- 2                    

Ponatinib- 2                    

Mesna- 400                     

Vinorelbin- 22                

Octagam- 4                     

Etoposide- 43                 

Controloc- 30                  

Arixtra- 10                       

Letiram- 4                        

Vancomycin- 200                         

Cisplatin 100 mg- 16                  

Cyclophosphamide- 19                             

Dasatinib- 1                     

Blinatumomab- 20                       

Treosulfan- 4                  

Thiotepa- 6                      

Konakion- 10                  


Port-a-cath needle- 8

Together we can save lives!

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