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Our  3-year-old Angelina is from the town of Artik, Shirak region.
Our sweetheart is very active and friendly. She loves to spend time in the park – running, jumping…
Our beauty’s eyes are sparkling whenever she thinks of winter, her favorite season. She begins telling how she lies down in the snow, plays snowballs, and makes a snowman with her friends and her 1.5-year-old brother.
Angelina dreams of becoming a doctor and treating children and has even taken the “first steps” by getting medical toys.
As for the fairy tales, Angelina’s favorites are the ones made up by her mother, because there she is always the main character. She even creates titles for fairy tales to remind her mom which one to tell her.
At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Angelina’s favorite place is the playroom, for which she created a new name: “khaghapartez” (“Khagh”-play, “partez”-garden). It takes a long time for her mom to prepare our girl for another visit to the hospital. Sometimes Angelina gets really anxious while going through the lab tests… and calms down only when she is reminded that princesses are not only beautiful but also smart and strong.
Our sweet girl dreams of having a big car in her favorite color pink, in which she can sit and drive together with her brother.

Please meet our 3-year-old Mark from the town of Masis, Ararat region.
Our sweet boy is very interested in all kinds of vehicles, first of all, of course, cars, as well as airplanes, motorcycles, etc.
Mark can play with his huge collection of cars for hours without getting bored – building parking lots, organizing tournaments… He clearly recognizes various car brands and has his own preferences for both the brand and the color. Thus, he prefers Lexus and Mercedes-Benz cars in white and blue colors. He has already promised his mother to buy two cars when he grows up: a blue one for himself and a white one for her.
Mark has two older brothers, with whom he likes to play very much. He gets really happy when his brothers read his favorite fairy tales: “The Dog and the Cat”, “The Puy-Puy Mouse”…
Painting is also one of Mark’s hobbies. He creates masterpieces with gouache, especially while receiving chemo rounds at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
He feels very comfortable about the treatment process, having zero negative emotions when talking about the hospital. He associates the hospital with the smile of his very beloved doctor Grigor Vardanyan, Robin the robot and joyful games in the playroom, and, as a result, he willingly goes there for various medical interventions and check-ups.
Our strong boy dreams of having a big blue or white Lexus car in which he can sit and drive.

Today we want to tell you about our 16-year-old Anahit from Yerevan.

Our beauty has various hobbies, among which she mentioned reading, listening to music, watching movies and painting. Interest in the latter has increased, especially after starting treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

Of all the genres, Anahit likes historical and fantasy genres the most. She has a special love for Japanese culture, particularly anime and manga.

Our strong girl approaches the treatment process very philosophically and appreciates the positive atmosphere created by the entire staff of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

Our Anahit dreams of having a guitar, because after completing the treatment, her biggest wish is to learn to play the guitar.

Our hero this week is 3-year-old Robert from Yerevan.
Robert is a very active and cheerful boy. He is very close to his sisters, especially Nare, who is almost the same age as him, and he looks forward to the moment when Nare comes home from the kindergarten, so that they can play together.
Rob loves the wooden house installed in the yard of the Hematology Center by the City of Smile Foundation and our friends, and every time he comes to the hospital, he always plays in the yard around the house.
In the beginning of the treatment, Robert would get very upset when injections and other medical interventions were needed. Now he approaches these processes more philosophically. He gets excited when nurse Lusine gives him smiley stickers in return for his brave behavior, he urges himself to “sit quiet so that the catheter needle doesn’t suddenly come out of his hand”, and he realizes that “it hurts now so that it doesn’t hurt later”…

Our strong boy dreams of having a big black car in which he can sit and drive.


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