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Please meet our 4-year-old Karina from Vardenik village of Gegharkunik.
Our beauty’s hobby is painting. Of all the genres, she likes the portrait painting the most, mainly painting her sister and brother (by the way, the family will soon have the 4th child:)
Karina loves cartoons and enjoys following the adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Masha and the Bear and other characters.
Our sweetheart is not very picky about food, but there is one dish she likes particularly much: lentil soup.
Throughout the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, she gets most upset about two things: when blood tests are taken, and when she misses her father or sister.
At the beginning of the treatment, Karinka stopped speaking and walking at some point, but now, to the joy of all of us, the abilities of both speaking and walking have been recovered.
Karina’s favorite colors are red and pink, and she dreams of having a bike in one of those colors, as well as of meeting with singers Nanul and Yana Hovhannisyan.

Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Violeta from Shirak.
Living in Ashotsk, one of the coldest places in Armenia, our sweetheart is looking forward to the arrival of summer each year because she’s tired of the cold and loves the sun.
Violeta’s hobby is playing with big (not barbie-type) “kukliks”. Her dolls go to school, visit grocery stores and prepare food.
Violeta also enjoys painting, primarily depicting the sun, the sky and many-many colorful flowers.
During her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center our beauty misses her brothers the most and looks forward to going home and hugging them tight.

Violeta will be very happy to receive a big doll and a painting accessories kit. She also dreams of meeting with singer Arpi Gabrielyan.

This Wednesday, our hero is 12-year-old Narine from Shirak.
Our sweetheart’s biggest hobby is painting: she depicts nature, animals, people. Narine also enjoys reading․ She especially loves fiction books, and her favorite author is William Saroyan.
Narine has not yet clearly decided on her future profession: she will become either a pediatrician or an artist. Our girl, with the soul of an artist, gives freedom to her imagination while playing with her dolls, sewing clothes for them for different “occasions”.
Since the field of medicine is also considered for the future, during her treatment our Narine also studies it as much as possible. Thus, she is aware of the possible complications of the treatment. She knows all the possible complications a drug can cause, “․․․ I will have nausea from this ․․․ and from this, my indicators will go down a little․․․ “, she says.
Narine dreams of having a big desk (preferably with a shelf so that all her books are always near at hand).

This Wednesday our hero is 4-year-old Mark from Tavush region.
Mark is the youngest brother of three sisters. You can probably imagine how much his sisters are “spoiling” their beloved little bro. Every day after school they rush home, quickly do all the homework and devote all their free time to playing various games with Mark.
Our sweet boy has a very special connection with his native village of Paravakar and during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center he misses his favorite forests a lot. Having said that, while being at home, he often tells his mother that he would like to come to Yerevan and play in the PCBDC’s playroom. (We’re grateful to all our partners for always keeping the playroom full of new games and toys.)
Mark usually has a very good appetite and especially likes eating fish, but on certain days of chemotherapy the only food combination he does not refuse to eat is cucumber-greens-cheese-bread.
Our joyful boy loves cars and dreams of having a big car-bed.


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