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Please meet our 2-years-old Magdalina from Yerevan. Magdalina possesses a remarkable sense of tranquility that beautifully mirrors her journey through treatment. Initially, after receiving her diagnosis, Magdalina was hesitant about undergoing medical procedures and even reluctant to enter the hospital. However, as time passed and she grew more certain that she was in safe hands at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia, she now readily cooperates during lab tests and interventions.
Her ability to undergo these medical procedures without shedding tears is a testament to her strength. At home, Magdalina enjoys spending time with her four-year-old sister, and what’s truly remarkable is that they hardly ever argue.
Magdalina’s true passion lies in water. She adores swimming and can happily spend hours in the water without growing bored. Additionally, she has a love for drawing and solving puzzles.
A significant moment in her life was when she spotted a magnificent giant red car in the hospital’s corridor, a gift for another child. Since that moment, she set her heart on having a similar car, but in her favorite color, pink.

Please meet our 6-yars old Arsine from Vayots Dzor region.
Our sweetheart is an animal lover, and she misses her dog-Archie very much. Arsine also owns 2  cats- Vagrik and Anushik. Anushik is white, so when when anywhere Arsine sees white animals, she starts to call them “Anushik”.
Our sweet girl sometimes makes others emotional with her thoughts. During the first period of her treatment, she was afraid of pain, missed her family- dad and two elder sisters and also her long hair. When her mom decided to comfort her by shaving her head too, Arsine strictly rejected her and said. “No, mom, have you ever seen a bald mom in your life?”.
She also has very interesting thoughts. At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia, she differentiates nurses from doctors from their shirts. She insists that all the nurses wear short-sleeves, as they work so much and get hot, and all the doctors wear long-sleeves. That’s why our Arsine has a clear decision- to become a nurse and return to the Pediatric Unit to help children and tell them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Arsine is waiting for New Year and among many other gifts gifts asked for a wig from Santa. But before the New Year she wants to have a soft armchair with the image of her favorite cartoon characters- Tom and Jerry.

Today, our hero is 15-year-old Nune from Gegharkunik province.
Our sweet girl’s hobby is knitting with threads, but now, because of the disease, she has an arm ache. This could be an obstacle for our Nune, but anyway, she finds enough strength to not give up and continue doing her favorite thing.
Nune is also a culture-lover. And even now, while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, she watches Armenian theatres and movies by her phone.
Everyone considers our girl the kindest person in their class, and at home she is the protector of her little brother. During the days being in the hospital, she even calls her dad to warn him not to get angry with her little brother.
Our girl dreams to get well soon, although she never considers herself sick. Nune misses her long hair very much and wants to see them grown back as soon as possible (she asked us not to post her photos where after receiving courses of chemo she has no hair).
On December 26 our Nune will turn 16. And she wants a large bedroom dressing table with a mirror and shelves as a birthday present. After finishing her treatment and returning home, she envisions to use it for getting ready in her bedroom.

Today, we would like to share the story of Gor, an 11-year-old from the Aragatsotn region. Prior to his diagnosis, Gor lived with his family in Russia, but they have since relocated to Armenia, a change that made Gor very happy.
In the initial stages, he was excited about the move, but as time passed, he began to miss the days he spent in Russia.
Our resilient boy is a devoted fan of the Japanese anime “Naruto” and has watched all its episodes. His love for drawing led him to create an album featuring all the characters from “Naruto.”
Gor maintains a serious and calm demeanor, whether at school or at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Centre of Armenia. Despite his serious nature, he is remarkably friendly and communicative, forging a special friendship with his doctor, Saten Hovhannisyan. Gor even finds himself missing her when he’s  at home.
This brave young soul has a wish—to own an electric scooter or a 26-inch  bike in either blue or black colors.


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