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Don’t you know our Nika yet? Let’s get acquainted.
Our 2-year-old sweetheart is from Hadrut, Artsakh․ Now she misses her family living in Stepanakert very much and is looking forward to meeting everyone, especially her sisters.
Nika loves the hospital and the doctors so much that at the beginning of the treatment, she even thought that the hospital was their home. She even asked her mom when they were going to be back to  “home” (hospital). Nika misses everyone at the hospital, even Robin the robot.
Our Nika loves medicine very much. No matter how many medical toys her mom would buy, Nika is not pleased, as “they are not real”. One of her newest hobbies is watching medical videos instead of cartoons. Our fearless girl undergoes medical procedures without crying, she is even curious and excited about them.
Nika has a “tradition”: every time she comes to the hospital, she stands near the symbolic tree looking for her photo on it. (We all look forward to when she will also finish the treatment and attach the “fruit” with her photo to the tree.)
Our Nika used to have a big, pink car, which is now in blockaded Artsakh…
 In two weeks, on June 15, it’s our Nika’s birthday, and she dreams of having a big, pink car as a birthday present, already in Yerevan.

Our  3-year-old Angelina is from the town of Artik, Shirak region.
Our sweetheart is very active and friendly. She loves to spend time in the park – running, jumping…
Our beauty’s eyes are sparkling whenever she thinks of winter, her favorite season. She begins telling how she lies down in the snow, plays snowballs, and makes a snowman with her friends and her 1.5-year-old brother.
Angelina dreams of becoming a doctor and treating children and has even taken the “first steps” by getting medical toys.
As for the fairy tales, Angelina’s favorites are the ones made up by her mother, because there she is always the main character. She even creates titles for fairy tales to remind her mom which one to tell her.
At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Angelina’s favorite place is the playroom, for which she created a new name: “khaghapartez” (“Khagh”-play, “partez”-garden). It takes a long time for her mom to prepare our girl for another visit to the hospital. Sometimes Angelina gets really anxious while going through the lab tests… and calms down only when she is reminded that princesses are not only beautiful but also smart and strong.
Our sweet girl dreams of having a big car in her favorite color pink, in which she can sit and drive together with her brother.

Today our hero is 3.5-year-old Daniel from Yerevan.

Our strong boy was living with his mom in Russia when the first symptoms of the disease appeared. After that, Daniel returned home, to Armenia, and currently, he is getting treatment at the Hematology Center named after Prof. R. Yeolyan.

Daniel learned Armenian very quickly, but he hasn’t forgotten Russian either, so he can now comfortably converse in both languages. Daniel has a very outgoing and energetic personality. He never gets tired of talking about his collection of cars and that special little red car that his soldier brother Samvel gave him while they were on holiday. Samvel is Daniel’s favorite and best playmate.

At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our friendly Dani enjoys making new acquaintances․ He goes into every room and chats with everyone, plays with other children receiving treatment… and then takes the toys he likes.

Our brave Dani dreams of having a big blue car in which he can sit and drive.

This time our hero is 3-year-old Maria from Stepanakert, Artsakh. Everyone at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center know her well, because of her active character and loud voice. At the beginning of the treatment, Maria used to meet the doctors shouting loudly but she’s a big girl now – she understands everything and doesn’t cry anymore. For that Maria’s mother “rewards” her by taking her to the the playroom of the Center. It is the favorite place of all our children, including our Maria.
Maria likes to be photographed, and from her 13 and 16 years old elder sisters, she learns to “work with the camera”: to smile, to show hand gestures like everything is good, or sending love vibes.
Maria’s mom says, that every time they pass by the symbolic tree with the photos of our children, who have finished their treatment, Maria asks why her picture is not attached there.
Maria misses her father and her soldier brother, who are in blockaded Artsakh, the most. She clearly remembers her native Stepanakert, their home…
Our Maria dreams of having a big and pink car, in which she can sit and drive home.


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