A Letter from Our Armen to You

March 30, 2021

At the request of our handsome Armen, we present his letter (without editing):
“I just called and asked him to visit me, and he did not reject. Of course, I understand, he did not reject, because I am a bit sick and currently undergoing treatment․ I realize that, but it was only at the beginning. Then we became friends and started talking to each other often, and I can say for sure – that was because he understood me and I became interesting to him, and, of course, he was even more interesting to me. He found out about my long-held dream and in an instant made it come true. I now have a guitar, signed “From Garik to Armen”. Yes, he is Garik Papoyan through your eyes, and for me he is just very simple, shy, energetic, caring ․․․ Garik. In other words, a person in the true sense of the word. I am very grateful to him for being here in this world and in my life. You are not a celebrity, you are a Human, who is more valuable than being famous, because becoming famous is a matter of minutes, and remaining a human is a cruel and hard spiritual work.
I am also grateful to Gor Sujyan, Aram Mp3 and Arusik Tigranyan for their big hearts and simple kind and I will not be afraid to describe them as “my new friends”. And since I do not exist in this virtual world, and this is a unique opportunity to say something via the Internet, I want to say that I and many kids like me should not be searched for on social networks: we exist in reality․ We are real, and that, believe me, is more powerful than all this deception. Look for us here, and you too will return to the real world: a world of real smiles, tears, anger and surprise, longing and devotion.
And always remember, “We are responsible for those we have tamed”.
My dear doctors,
my dear nurses and cleaners,
my Alisa, my friends,
my City of Smile,
all my people, and my Toma who types out this letter,
I thank you all very much and I love you very much.
You are my real stars, that every day shine like hope in the sky and warm me like the sun.

An ordinary boy, but in my reality – Amigo, Armen jan, Simpatyag, Smarty, Walk-oochi and soon Run-oochi Armen․․․”

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