Charity Chess Tournament in Boston

May 30, 2022

Aram, Hayk and Levon from Boston are long-time friends of the City of Smile Foundation․ Thus, still in 2020, Aram organized an online piano recital, urging everyone to join the charity fundraiser. In 2021, the brothers read the story of Alex, one of our beneficiaries, and decided to fulfill his dream using their pocket money.

And in May of this year, Aram came up with a new initiative: to organize a chess tournament in Boston and raise funds to help kids fighting cancer in Armenia.

To participate in the event, he turned to American-Armenian chess player Samuel Sevian. Special thanks to Samuel for giving his consent immediately. Samuel is the youngest ever American Grandmaster, one of the youngest masters in the history of chess, and we are immensely proud of all his achievements.

We are profoundly grateful to all the individuals and organizations that responded to our Aram’s request and contributed to the organization and implementation of the event as sponsors, supporters and volunteers Yelena Bisharyan and Ashot Papoyan, Armen Sevian, Cynthia Kazanjian, Bob and Carine Avakians, Ani Ajemian, Garyk Maroyan, United Dental, Belomont Auto, Eastern Lahmajun, Arev Foods, Art’s Specialties, Volunteers Hayk and Levon Papoyans, Mary Hakobyan, Sona Antonyan, Ani Aslikyan, Gohar Markosyan, and, of course, all chess-loving participants.

We are very grateful to the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center of Watertown A C E C Watertown for providing the venue for the event. We would like to emphasize the involvement of the Board of Trustees of the US Chapter of City of Smile Foundation in organizing the event and thank Yelena Bisharyan, Cynthia Kazanjian and Jim Kalustian. When Jim Kalustyan heard about this initiative, he decided to cheer up Aram and expressed his willingness to double the amount raised within the event.

With love and warmth, we express our gratitude to Yelena and Ashot for raising such precious sons and a very special thank you to Aram jan.

As a result of the charity chess tournament, US$ 12.000 were raised which will be fully used to cover the treatment costs of children with cancer and blood diseases.

Together we can save lives!

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