Der-Boghossians Visit to City of Smile

August 24, 2023

Today we would like to share a very touching story with you.

A few days ago, we had the privilege of hosting Barouyr/Hovannes and Anahid Der-Boghossians from Canada and friends of their family. They are the grandparents of little Oliver Noah El-Abou, who battled a rare brain cancer and underwent treatment at one of Canada’s finest hospitals. Regrettably, despite medical endeavors, on May 20th Oliver took his last breaths and passed away in the comfort of his parents’ arms at home.

Oliver was happy, inclusive and one of the sweetest little boys one can meet. During his 4 years of life he was surrounded by an abundance of love and care from his family and relatives. Now, a few months after the loss of their beloved son, brother, and grandson, Oliver’s family has decided to make a generous donation to the City of Smile Foundation in his memory. Through this gesture, they aim to assist children in Armenia who are battling cancer, providing them with the essential treatment they need in their challenging journey to overcome the illness.

During their visit, our guests also took the time to tour the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, where they met some of the children undergoing treatment.

Words cannot adequately convey the depth of emotion evoked by this visit, nor can they express the gratitude we feel toward the Der-Boghossian family for their compassion during this incredibly difficult phase of their lives.

Oliver’s memory will be cherished and may God illuminate his spirit.

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