Head Coach of the Armenian National Football Team Joaquin Kaparos Visited the Hematology Center and Met with Our Beneficiaries

November 01, 2021

Yerevan – Today, by the initiative of City of Smile Foundation, the Head Coach of the Armenian National Football Team Joaquin Kaparos visited the Hematology Center after Prof. R. Yeolyan and met with our beneficiaries who have completed their treatment.
The coach had a very touching conversation with the children, shared his medical history and gave them important advice.
“It’s not a secret that I was diagnosed with leukemia years ago, but I am here and full of life. The disease was diagnosed during a regular check-up at my club, Sevilla FC. At first I decided not to tell my family so that I could cope with the illness myself first.
I am a very optimistic person and I asked the doctors if I could arrange my life the way I wanted in the future. Doctors advised me to stay true to myself.
That is why I want to tell you that we must live in the moment and here, to be optimistic. Let us wake up every day and be thankful for living another day.
Family support is also very important, you still have a long way to go. I advise you to find positive people in your life who will help you live happily. Avoid negative people. It helps me to live happily, too.
Listen to the professionals and follow their advice: if you can not be physically active, instead you can just enter the field and walk.
Laugh a lot, I use that medicine too. Look in the mirror often and laugh at yourself, let your family members join you.
We, the people with medical conditions, have an advantage over the whole world because we are constantly under the care of doctors and we know what our condition is.
When I was invited to meet you, I did not hesitate for a second, I immediately agreed. If my humble advice can help you, I am ready to be at your, the foundation’s and the center’s disposal.
I told everyone about my illness during a press conference in Spain, the story was widely reported in all the media, but I informed them that I would not talk about it again. This is the first time since then that I have addressed this topic in public again. I think this is a place where we are all equal and can talk about our illness.”

We are very grateful to Mr. Kaparos for his willingness and for passing on lots of positive vibes to our beneficiaries during the conversation.

Cancer is not contagious, love and smiles are.

Photos: Armenpress, Mediamax Sport, FFA

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