International Childhood Cancer Day: Our Nvardik’s Story

February 15, 2023

February 15 marks the International Childhood Cancer Day.

Our 9-year-old Nvardik’s family lived in Hadrut before the 44-day war. Because of the war, they lost everything – house, property, job, running for their lives through the dense forests of Hadrut․․․ Weeks later, living in a temporary shelter in Stepanakert, when Nvardik’s parents were trying to put their lives back on track and assemble it piece by piece like a puzzle, the fifth of their six children, Nvardik, started feeling very sick. After the examinations, she was diagnosed with lymph node cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The City of Smile Foundation covered all the costs of the chemotherapy treatment that started immediately at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia.

Throughout the treatment, our strong sweetheart was clearly informed about her treatment protocol. She was very curious about all the medical procedures and for example, was looking forward to the moment she would be allowed to be present and personally watch the installation surgery of a port-a-cath. That’s when she also decided on her future profession: she is going to become a pediatric oncologist herself.

Nvardik misses and often draws their house in Hadrut.

After the war, for a long time she was very anxious and expressed fear whenever she heard about border tensions: “…well, if the fight starts, how am I going to escape with this catheter?”…

Our sweetheart Nvardik has finished her treatment and is cancer-free now. She lives with her family in blockaded Artsakh – Stepanakert, and continues to spread positive vibes to each and every person she comes in contact with. 

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