Online Fundraiser for City of Smile ChF

From May 2 to June 2, City of Smile Charitable Foundation is hosting an online charity fundraiser to raise money for children and young adults up to the age of 25 with cancer and blood disorders.
The Foundation appeals to all our compatriots living in Armenia and the Diaspora, to the benefactors of the Foundation, to our partners, so that in these difficult times everyone can contribute to the treatment of children and young adults with cancer.

You can send your donations to the following accounts:

15700 23051810100 “Ameriabank”,

“Bank of America” 3251 3512 0666 / routing # 121000358.

or donate through .

In two years of operation, City of Smile Foundation has provided free of charge medical treatment, surgical interventions, food and psychosocial support to more than 300 children and young adults under the age of 25 from Armenia and Artsakh.
During this period, the Foundation provided support of more than 465,000,000 AMD. On a monthly basis, the Foundation provides support of 30-40 million drams.

According to statistics, in Armenia and Artsakh 70% of children with cancer and blood disorders are cured.

Together we can save lives!

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