Please meet our 8-year-old Tigran from Stepanakert.
Tigran is a big fan of sports․ He enjoys swimming and cycling. He also desperately wanted to attend boxing classes, but due to illness his plans had to be delayed a bit: he will finish the treatment, he will grow a little and he will definitely fulfill his wish.
Our strong boy is the third of four children in the family and is very close to his little sister Tatevik. Tigran feels a great responsibility towards his sister, constantly cherishing and protecting her from visible and invisible dangers – “Tatev, do not run”, “Tatev, be careful”․․․ In a word, parents can be calm for the safety of little Tatev:)
Tigran is also a very neat and attentive child․ He never forgets to wash his hands before eating and always folds and arranges his own clothes.
Our Tiga:)’s hobbies are painting and playing with Lego-type sets. Moreover, both in his pictures and in the models made by him, the military theme always prevails․ Our brave boy draws and makes tanks, military planes and weapons.
Our brave Tigran will be very happy to replenish his collection of toys, receiving a toy gun (automatic) and an airplane as a gift.

28/04/2021 2021-04-28
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