We continue to present our children’s dreams, and our hero today is 5-year-old Gor.
Gor enjoys watching the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”, but he loves books more, and although he still can’t read on his own, he has many favorite fairy tales and finds it difficult to pick one.
Gor has definitely decided to become a cook like his grandfather, and the first of his tastiest dolma will be made for Alisa, Head of the Psychosocial Service at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. He also adores his doctor grandpa:) Iskanyan and doctor Mary.
Of all the seasons, our brave boy loves summer the most, because in summer he goes to his native village Lor in Sisian. In his words, he is still small to cultivate the soil, but instead he can play in the yard all day long. Gor proudly mentioned that he knew that the great Armenian poet Hamo Sahyan was born in that village too, and it turned out that they are related.
“I want my head to be cured, to recover and, if possible, to go to Italy,” our boy notes, then adds that, of course, after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Until then:) Gor dreams of having a big car that he can sit in and drive.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, dreams come true even during the state of emergency…
Our Gor already has a big and beautiful red car, for which we thank Naira Sargsyan who responded to our post and fulfilled our brave boy’s dream.

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