Today’s hero is our 15-year-old Abel from Kotayk region.
Abel’s passion has always been and still remains music in all its manifestations: he both sings and performs on musical instruments. The list of musical instruments he’s mastered is looong – piano, kamancheh, drum, guitar, etc.․․
Abel is in the 9th grade and of all the subjects he loves Armenian History and Maths the most. He enjoys going deep into the historical developments in different periods and is especially proud of our achievements during the Artaxiad and the Arsacid dynasties.
Our brave boy decided to take up music more seriously after finishing his treatment, starting his career in the field as a performer, and later continuing as a music producer.
Abel would be happy to meet Mihran Tsarukyan, because, according to Abel, Mihran is both a wonderful artist and seems a very good person:)


P. S. Our Abel’s only dream was to meet Mihran Tsarukyan. Mihran responded with great readiness, and a few days ago their surprise meeting took place at the Hematology Center.
Our shy Abel was very excited to see his beloved artist. He performed a piece from his own composition on the piano. Mihran Tsarukyan was very impressed with Abel’s musical talent, and they agreed to meet again and discuss Abel’s musical future after completing his treatment.
We are very grateful to Mihran Tsarukyan for meeting our strong boy and encouraging him.

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