Our children continue to dream, and today we will tell you about our 4-year-old Anahit from Gegharkunik region.
Anahit’s hobby is playing house with her dolls. She also enjoys playing with lego-type sets and their backyard sand, digging a hole in it, adding water, and carrying out serious construction works, building castles and palaces. She also follows the trends:) and asked her mom to buy her a Pop It toy, but only two minutes later she got bored and put it aside.
Our fairy loves to watch cartoons, especially the Armenian translation of the “Masha and the Bear”, as well as the animated film about the adventures of her namesake Anahit.
Anahit has not yet made a clear decision on her future profession, but it is not difficult to guess, considering that throughout her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, she constantly assigns lab tests and treatment rounds to Robin the Robot, and keeps asking the nurses, “When are we going to go up to harvest stem cells?”
Our sweetheart dreams of having a beautiful “girlish” bed and a talking doll.


P. S. Thanks to our good friend Lilit Sahakyan, Goodwill Ambassador of City of Smile ChF, our Anahit’s dreams came true․ Our fairy is already playing with her talking doll and has a new bed. We are very grateful to Lilit for fulfilling Anahit’s wishes. In her new bed, our Anahit will surely have very sweet dreams.

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