Please meet our lovely 7-year-old Anna from Armavir.
Anna’s hobby is playing with dolls or, as she calls them, “kukliks”. In Anna’s house her dolls live in very comfortable conditions, they have their own mini-house, kitchen utensils, various beautiful clothes. Sometimes they get tired of staying indoors and Anulik’s brother’s toy car takes them to the garden where they gather fruit and relax by the pool.
During our conversation, we found out (and were really touched) that three of her dolls are named after us: Ester, Toma and Emma.
Our sweetheart was also very excited while speaking about dancing. She attends dance classes and likes to dance to Armenian music the most. She’s already got three medals from various concerts.
Anna’s favorite seasons are autumn and winter, because in autumn the leaves fall, and in winter it snows, and the most important thing is that during both seasons there is wind that “plays” with her hair:)
Our artistic girl is looking forward to finishing her treatment, because then she will be allowed to eat strawberries, and her uncles will buy her the long-promised big doll.
Annushka dreams of having real Barbie dolls.


P. S. Thanks to Sevan Gigi, our dear friend based in the US, the dream of our beautiful Anna, our another beneficiary, came true.
Anna’s collection of “kukliks” was replenished with Barbie dolls, for which our Anulik has already definitely decided on names and roles.
We are very grateful to Mrs. Sevan for bringing very happy moments to our another kiddo.

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