This week we will tell you about our 5-year-old Aram.
Our shy boy loves to be in the wild, caring for and feeding the animals.
In his spare time, Aram enjoys drawing and coloring, playing hide-and-seek with family members and listening to music and dancing to the sounds of “Aram-zam-zam” song.
Of all the seasons he especially loves winter and looks forward to snow when he can play snowball and make a snowman.
Our brave boy dreams of having a big motorcycle, preferably in his favorite green color, to drive with his little brother in his native village. After spending a long time in the hospital, Aram also wishes to visit a children’s cafe and carousels.


P. S. Thanks to City of Smile Foundation’s faithful partner Peace City NGO , our beloved Aram’s dream also came true.
Our brave boy had a wonderful day at the children’s park, rode carousels, played fun games, and of course got the much-awaited motorcycle.
We are very grateful to Peace City NGO and personally to Lilit Hambardzumyan for being there for us and our beneficiaries again and for fulfilling our lovely Aramik’s dream. We are confident that our wonderful boy, who, by the way, has just finished his treatment, will enjoy riding this beautiful and powerful motorcycle very much.

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