Please meet Aram, he is 8. He is from Ararat and has a younger sister.
Aram is in the second grade and he loves going to school, because there besides having the classes he gets to play with his friends. But most importantly, there is a girl there that he loves, and he cant wait to go back to school. Aram also loves playing soccer, actually he is the best stiker in the team, that is why he always gets best grades. After school he enjoys taking his sister on a bicycle ride.

Aram dreams to become a doctor and to have a “big car”.
As for now, he really wants to have a violin and to learn to play it .


P.S. Well by help of Arpi Oskanyan Aram’s dream came true, he now has a violin. This surprise visit made him smile many more times and will be an unforgettable day for Aram. We hope soon we will hear him play.

We are grateful to very kind Arpi Oskanyan for her willingness and the wonderful gift.

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