Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Aram from Koghb village of Tavush province.
While receiving treatment, Aram misses playing with the “neighborhood kids” outdoor games like hide-and-seek, “hala-mula” and “pobeda”.
In the past, Aram wanted to become a singer, and now he has changed his mind; he decided to be a police officer. And despite changing his mind, he still enjoys listening to music and especially loves Mihran Tsarukyan’s performances.
His most favorite cartoons are “Nu, Pogodi” and the one on adventures of Masha and the Bear. Asked if there were any other cartoons that Aram liked, he replied sharply that there weren’t any in native dialect.
Aram is looking forward to recovery so that he could enjoy as much sweet treats as his heart desires. He has already made a list: in the first place is watermelon, and “second job” is ice cream. He didn’t eat watermelon all summer, neither did his mom, but he generously allowed his mom to eat melon because he doesn’t like it:)
Aram dreams of having a bike to ride in his native village with his friends.


P. S. Thanks to Sevan and Kevork Kalenderians, our lovely friends from the US, the dream of our Aram also came true. Aram with his new bike managed to make a couple of turns in the corridors of the Hematology Center, and even taking the medicine at the very same moment could not prevent him from implementing that important task. Mrs. Sevan also talked to Aram’s mother and embraced her, urging her to be strong and resilient.
Our friends, having learned in advance what supplies were needed at the playroom of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, had also prepared many gifts for the playroom and all our other kids. In the end, Mrs. Sevan, coloring the heart on the map of Yerevan, noted that it’s her heart that she was leaving here and promised to return soon.
We are deeply grateful to our dear Sevan and Kevork for fulfilling our brave Aram’s wish, as well as for their continuous support to the foundation and our children.

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