Please meet our 7-year-old Aren from Artsakh.
Our lovely boy, who is currently homeschooled, looks forward to going to school, where he will continue learning technology, fine arts, and, of course, the subject on the world around us. Our warmhearted Aren takes care of nature and does his best to keep it clean.
In his free time, Aren likes to play with friends in the yard, and on the computer he prefers playing football games, particularly the Super Striker. His favorite toys are building blocks, as well as cars and boats of various sizes.
Aren looks forward to growing up and affording a car for his mom.
Our resolute boy has also decided to become president, and to our question what he would do in that case, he answered without hesitation, “I will do whatever I want… Well, except for theft.”
Aren misses his native Artsakh very much while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in Yerevan. In Artsakh he most loves the Dedo-Babo monument (“We are our mountains”).
Our teddy bear dreams about having a kick scooter with light up wheels.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, our sweetheart Aren’s dream also came true.
Aren already has a kick scooter with light up wheels and has even managed to take some rides in the corridors of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Mariam Sargsyan for fulfilling our teddy bear’s wish.

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