Please meet our 11-year-old Aren from Vanadzor.
Our kind boy with big eyes is different from his peers; his favorite occupation is playing chess, and he no longer loves cartoons. Instead, he enjoys watching movies, especially about superheroes of whom he loves Thor the most and wants to be as strong as him.
Aren enjoys going to school, is always prepared for the classes, and of all the subjects he loves math and English the best. By the way, we found out later that our modest boy is also the winner of numerous math competitions and Olympiads. He dreams of becoming an architect and building very tall buildings, at least 10-12 stories high.
Instead of playing on computers and tablets, our smart guy prefers reading books and further enriching his knowledge. He also enjoys watching cooking TV shows (though he doesn’t particularly like eating, and only likes dolma and white chocolate) and videos showing how to give new life to old things.
Aren dreams of having a bike and a lego constructor with small parts.


Our clever Aren’s dream came true thanks to the Fertility Center in the person of Edward Hambardzumyan,
the supporter of our loyal friend Peace City program.
Our brave boy will welcome the new year with his new bike!
We are very grateful to the Fertility Center and Peace City NGO for making Aren’s dream come true and making him happy.

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